Saturday, August 24, 2013

Comparison Review : Lancôme Genifique Vs L’Oreal Youth Code ❤

Hello girls, today I am going to do a comparison review on Lancôme Genifique Youth Activator and L’Oreal Youth Code Pre-essence. Gosh this is a long delayed post… always had in mind to review these two product but never put into action until now…. Late is better than never right? :x

If you have read my blog posts -- Click here ~ you might have heard me mentioning about Lancôme Genifique as one of my Holy Grail product. I have gone through so many bottles already and have been using for more than 2 years now (still a big fan of it!!).  

The reason I brought L’Oreal Youth Code pre-essence is mainly for comparison, I curious to find out would it be comparable to Lancôme Genifique Youth Activator. So is high end product better or drugstore product better? Let do a comparison below…. 

 photo c681b8a6-e7e7-4d5b-81ca-04bfe1fdb917_zps2e599500.jpg

If you look at the ingredient lists above, both products have quite a number of similar ingredients.  Lancôme Genifique Youth Activator is a little tiny bit more viscous compared to L’Oreal Youth Code Pre-essence but both absorbs really fast.

To my opinion, Lancôme Genifique Youth Activator works better on me as compared to L’Oreal Youth Code Pre-essence, I can really see the results and better absorption of skincare.

As for L’Oreal Youth Code Pre-essence, it works fine but the effect is slower (I would recommend it for younger ladies). It is also a cheaper option if you are looking for a pre-essence to help boost up the absorption of your follow up skincare products.

Hope you guys like my short comparison review on these 2 products. Feel free to drop comments J

** Disclaimer: The items above are purchased by my own money and reviews are based on personal opinion.



Friday, August 9, 2013

1st Dog Grooming Experience with Sopra Ginza Singapore (Dog Salon) ❤

Hihi~ if you are not aware from my previous post, I had got myself a puppy!! She is a Silky Terrier and her name is YOki  !! Refer to my previous post >> Click Here to get a sneak peek of her younger days photo when she is about 3-4mths old. She is now 6 months old already… how I wish that time can stop right here and she can be forever a puppy (wishful thinking of all puppy owners)!!

Ok~ back to the grooming experience with Sopra Ginza. Why did I choose Sopra Ginza out of so many pet grooming options available in Singapore? Actually I was recommended by one of my friend who owned silky terrier as well. We chat about almost everything that regards to our gal (pups).  Just like parents talking about their own kids. So I tot why not give Sopra Ginza grooming a go. So after much consideration, I texted Sopra Ginza and booked my appointment for full grooming. The person who replied my texts was really nice and patience with my questions and answered almost everything I asked. Haha… 

Sopra Ginza Singapore is located at 236 River Valley Road S(238294), which is pretty close to where I stay. Quite convenient and easy to locate and most importantly! I have direct bus there… of cos I put Yoki in dog carrier if not I think I will be thrown out of the bus.  Sopra Ginza provides service like grooming, spa, day care, pets learning classes, sales of puppies, online shops and they do provide ala carte services like ear cleaning, nail clipping etc etc. Click here to find out the price list and services available. 

I have chosen the normal full grooming for Yoki and she falls under Yorkshire’s pricing which is $65. On the grooming day itself, I rushed and get ready and took Yoki over to Sopra. The 1st impression I have was.. wow the huge clear glass!! This allows passerby to view the whole grooming process!! Cool isn’t it? Unlike some grooming places, they do not allow pet owners to view the whole grooming process which kind of worries them a little (after so many pet abuse news I heard recently).

When I stepped in the shop, there were barriers to prevent the doggies in the shop from coming out. There were so many dogs inside.. just like a big family and they were all so excited when they see Yoki.. Probably because Yoki was the only female dog in the shop at that moment (my Yoki is too pretty and cute too resist lah!! Ahem~) I did not managed to snap a picture of the dogs inside the shop as i wasn't sure if I am allowed to. 

I meet the groomer, Ms Kumiko who is a Japanese. She is very nice and patience while explaining to me the grooming process and also on how she intend to trim Yoki’s hair. She also asked me how I want Yoki to be styled. After much discussion, Yoki was brought in for her nice bath by Ms Zane who is a groomer as well. 

Yoki came out after about 20 mins or so.. did not managed to time as I was busy playing with the doggies in the shop.. cute overloaded!! Then Zane proceed on with cleaning Yoki’s ears, shaving her paw pads and Kumiko joined in to trim Yoki’s little head!! Both were very gentle with Yoki, and she wasn’t struggling or anything like what she did when I trim her (Angry!! She only bullies us!!). There is only one time where Yoki used her hand to push Kumiko’s hand away from her face, so cute! But Kumiko is still very patience and nice with Yoki. The whole fur cutting process took about another 30 mins or so as the fur on Yoki’s body is regularly trimmed by me so nothing really much to cut also jus that I am not professional as them to shape her messy head!! Haha~ 

 Pictures of Ms Kumiko and Zane working on Yoki ☆ 

Kumiko also added one cute red bow on Yoki after trimming… Super Sweet!! Yoki would never let me tie her hair!! Hope I have Kumiko’s skill on tying Yoki’s hair!!! For every customer who has their pet groomed at Sopra Ginza, a picture of your dog will be taken after grooming and printed out. This picture will then be pasted onto your Sopra Diary (pretty unique and cool I feel). Day care is also complimentary for dogs to stay till closing time after grooming. Doggies can play and socialise there where owners can go shopping without feeling guilty that their dogs are alone at home. Yoki did not get the chance to enjoy the day care as I brought her home after the grooming since I am not going anywhere. 
Overall, I am really satisfied with the Grooming experience and would definitely bring Yoki back another time and maybe for Spa treatment as well.. I wonder how will she feel when she is having her mud spa.. haha~
Ok long winded post!! Anyway do visit Sopra Ginza if you are looking for nice and reliable dog grooming shop!!
Ending my post with Yoki and Me (Yoki’s nicely groomed with little red bow!!!)

WinWin's Overall Rating: ❤❤❤❤

☆☆Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the pet shop mentioned above. The pet grooming service is paid by my own money and review based on honest experience. 

WinWin & Yoki