Saturday, December 17, 2011

Review - Sigma Beauty Brushes & Tools

Hello Pretties!!!

So excited!! I finally received my order from Sigma Beauty and today I am going to review on Sigma Beauty Brushes and their top seller product - Dry'n Shape. I have heard lots of raves about these brushes on blogs and youtube and of cos I checked out their blog because i cannot resist brushes!! I am such a brush FrEaK!! ok! Lets start from the very 1st product I have got from Sigma Beauty. I placed my 1st order quite awhile ago when they are having their black friday promo where shipping is free worldwide that day!! pretty awesome right? So i tot why not try their brushes.. so I started my collection with the Hollywood Glamour Flat Top Retractable Kabuki - Purple . It super cute and handy, most importantly its more hygiene compared to open brushes if you want to carry it in your makeup bag.

The parcel did not take too long to arrive and the packaging was amazing. It comes with an instruction manual of the product you purchase and also nicely packaged. Love it.

☆Pictures of my Lovely Kabuki!☆

Hollywood Glamour Flat Top Retractable Kabuki - Purple

Original Price: $25
Now Selling at : $19 (Great Deal!!)

Look at how cute this brush is? and the bristles are super soft and dense which can give you a good coverage when u use it to apply your liquid foundation. Sorry about the dirty brush cos i have been using it alot almost everytime i apply my liquid foundation... alternating with the F80 - Flat Top Kabuki which i also owned. Both of them have pretty much the same function but i will use the F80 when i am doing my makeup at home and bring the retractable one when i am travelling.

Now.. Lets move on to my recent purchase.. i missed this years black friday promo.. was so sad about it.. due to overwhelm Sigma fans.. i couldnt get into the website and i gave up!! BUT still i so wanted to try the highly raved product Dry'n Shape and eventually i still got it despite i missed the annual awesome promo...

I finally got my Dry'n Shape last week which i have been waiting and waiting for it to arrive so that i can do a review on my Sigma collections...

This Dry'n Shape is a very interesting system where it is designed to completely dry your brushes within 4 to 6 hours and at the same time helps to shape it back. Perfectly good for dense brushes which take ages to dry after cleaning. The Dry'n Shape looks like brush rolls with slots for brushes of different sizes. It provide pressure to bristles to remove water from every fibre at the shorest time. The special fabric used to shape the bristles was designed to accelerate water evaporation which shorten the drying time. I have tried it on my brushes immediately after i receive my Dry'n Shape.

☆Steps on how i wash my brushes☆

1. Pour a small amount of MAC brush cleanser into a small container.

2. Dip dirty brush into the cleanser and swirl it until the brush is cleaned.

3. Gently press the bristles to remove excess water/cleanser, slightly dap dry with a clean towel.

4. Place the damp brushes in the Dry'n Shape using the smallest band the brush can fit in (this is to ensure that your brush bristles can be hold firmly and it also helps in reshaping your brush).

5. Turn the Dry'n Shape upside down ( to prevent the water to backflow to the handle) and leave it to dry for 4-6 hrs and we r done!!

☆After Drying☆

F80 - Flat Top Kabuki - Price: $18

All the brushes are dry within 6 hrs and looks just like new ones. I am really impressed with the speed of drying and the ability to reshape the brushes to almost like brand new. The only down side of this Dry'n Shape is they are not suitable for smaller brushes like eyeshadow brushes, the smallest slot is still too big for my eyeshadow brushes.. but i guess it does not affect how much i love it since small brushes do not take long time to dry so normal drying would be sufficient enough...

Overall : I love all the Sigma Beauty products that I have purchased and will would like to try more of their collections!!

❤My bday Sigma Wishlist❤

1. Mrs. Bunny Blue Travel Kit

2. The Cities - Tokyo

So please do check out Sigma Beauty's product if you haven already. They also sell all sorts of individual brushes for new makeup users and different sets of brushes catered for your needs.

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Lastly, i would like to wish everyone a Merry Xmas. More reviews and youtube tutorial will be coming up. Stay tune.. i will try my best to find time to blog... :)

Love, Win Win

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Xmas Party Look Makeup Tutorial

Hello my lovely readers,

I am here back with another makeup tutorial for you guys. This time with better resolution, slightly clearer than before haha~ Hope you all like it.. i will be coming up with more makeup tutorials. Please also feel free to comment below or requests too.

List of items used:


1. Chanel White Essential Modelling Effect Base in No.10 Rosee
2. MUFE HD Foundation in #120
3. MAC Concealer in NW20
4. MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation in NC 25


1. Nyx eyeshadow base in Skin Tone
2. Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk (Love this!!)
3. Natural Republic E/S in BL705
4. Sephora E/s in Tango Night N35
5. K-Palette Long Lasting Eyeliner Pencil in Black
6. Koji Brown Eyeliner pencil
7. Nxy Eyeliner pencil in Silver Glitter


1. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Rose


1. Lollipop Paris in Girls Wanna Have Pink
2. Sephora Lip Gloss

Link to my video >> Click Here



Monday, November 7, 2011

✿.。.:* Review on Brand's Innershine Berry Essence with Grape Seed extract *.:。✿*

Heloooo my dear readers!!

I am back blogging.. have not been motivated to do blog post for a very very long time... super busy and stressful with work... so.. inorder for me to distract myself from thinking about work.. i decided to do a blog post... i have purchased heaps of products over these few months and so much to share with you guys...

To start with... I would like to review on Brand's Innershine Berry Essence with Grape Seed Extract.

This is how the product looks like...

It comes with 6 bottles in a box @ 50ml per bottle.

❤Information from the box❤

This berry essence with grape fruit extract is rich in Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins Complexes (OPCs). This active ingredient strengtens collagen in your skin and helps reduce the loss of elastin - the protein that keeps the skin firm. Together with powerful Antioxidants and Anthocyanins from the berries extract. It provides natural goodness for the skin. Its a natural way to youthful and radiant skin.

❤Ingredient listing❤

Water, Aronia juice concentrate, Fructose, Maltodextrin, Blackcurrant juice concentrate, Trehalose, Cranberry juice concentrate, Berry juice concentrate, Pectin, Acai juice concentrate, Sodium Citrate, Grape Seed Extract, Malic Acid.

Each bottle contains 49.5mg of Grape Seed Extract.

This product does not contain colouring and preservatives >> Natural!! Me Likey!!!


Best served when chilled... (I will always chill it before drinking!!! I find it tasted better this way~)

For more information on this product >> Click here!!


- I like that is taste really nice and fruity. When u twisted open the cap.. you can smell burst of berries!! (it actually smells very much like concentrated ribena :P )

- Natural enough~ contains lots of juice concentrates... including Acai.. which contains very good antioxidant properties..

- No colouring and preservatives added. Its a thick berry purplish reddish colour liquid.. i dun quite know how to describe the colour.. blackcurrant colour? plum colour.. oh well... -___-

- Affordable if u make comparison to other beauty drinks, e.g fancl's TenseUp Ex which tasted similar (very fruity taste)


- I think I only came across this product at Watsons.. Let me know if there is more locations selling this product... :)

Other than that... I am pretty happy with this product. I like to consume it before I sleep every alternate nights and when I wake up next morning, I discovered more radiance on my skin and it seems to be brighter... I have already finished 4 bottles and coming 5th tonight..

Will i repurchase this product? Definitely Yes!!! This products helps lazy me to "beautify" myself!!

Hope this review is useful for you guys who wanted to try this product... :)

Till then... take care babes...



Tuesday, June 7, 2011

~ My 1st Makeup Tutorial on YouTube ~

Hi Dearies~

Haven been updating my blog for a while.. dead busy~~!! I cannot believe how work can be so stress like mine!! This is freaking crazy!! I think my stress level already hit maximum... seriously frustrating!!! Anyway.. jus wana share with u guys.. my 1st makeup tutorial on youtube.. I recorded it TWICE..the lighting for 1st time is bad... 2nd time is ok~ cos i actually used my laptop camera instead of my camera.. cos i dun have a proper tripod stand for my cam... well will try to improve on filming skills... once i can figure the best place and lighting in order to make better videos for u guys..

This video is also specially dedicated to my blog fren Rina.. thanks her so much for the Physician Formula Happy Booster Blush and Face Powder... i love them so much.. and i am actually using them almost everyday!! Love it!!

Pls subscribe to my channel and support me!!

My youtube nick is : MissyWinWin

Hope u guys like it.. and feel free to comment!! I will definitely ans to ur questions!!



Saturday, April 23, 2011

~ Collective Haul from Hong Kong ~

Dear Beauties,

Has been a while since i last blogged... again.. lotsa excuses to my lack of blogging... new job.. busy busy busy... stressed stressed stressed... tired tired tired... so... i have no time n no energy to blog... my bad.. haha.. will try my best....

When to HK last week... for business training... after work = shopping time... spent time with my besties in HK too.. miss her super duper much.. and wana thank her for bring me to places that i wana shop.. and the cheap deals we got... and of cos.. the expensive meals.. her bf treated me... thou i am jus too tired to enjoy the big feast... haha~ but overall... i love u sis!!

Jus goin to show u wat have i got there... basically skincare products and cosmetics... of cos clothes too.. but not as much... will not be showing the clothes i have bought cos not sure how to take pics of it too.. .with mi wearing it? or.. jus the clothes... haa~ anyway it will be as per request.. no request.. i will treat it as u guys isnt tt interested in the clothes i have hauled there... haha~


*¤°•★ Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair Eye + Face *¤°•★

I always wanted to get good eye cream for myself and since many bloggers raves abt this product... i decided to give it a try.. i bot this at SG international airport.. haha.. and the mini bottle of Advance Night Repair Serum.. is too cute to resist.. haha.. i love to collect miniatures!!

*¤°•★ Borshese Advance Spa Lift for Eyes + Olay Total Effects *¤°•★

Have not really researched on Borghese before but again.. miniatures... too hard to resist... so wana try it out... if it can save my totally beyond salvage dark eye circle n eye bag! Olay Total Effects... jus always wanted to try out...cos i heard that its not bad.. feeling after using.. its actually jus ok.. maybe i should try it for a longer time... ?

*¤°•★ H&M Lip Balm + eos Lip Balm *¤°•★

H&M Lip Balm: Too cute to resist and it has a really nice peachie smell..
eos Lip Balm: Have not tried yet.. but i saw review on utubes.. have to try out!

*¤°•★ Shu Uemura Skin Purifying Oil Cleanser - Green Tea *¤°•★

Again wanted to try but its too x in SG... HK is actually cheaper by almost 1/2!! so of cos must get.. Took the Green Tea one which is more suitable for sensitive skin and have anti oxident effect.
After use: cleanse pretty well.. including water proof mascara... but need slightly longer time to remove stubborn waterproof makeup.. does not give irritation... nice acceptable green tea scent.. minimal oily feeling after wash.. pretty decent product..


*¤°•★ YSL Radiant Touch in 02 + Mini Estee & Clinque Lip Gloss*¤°•★

YSL RAdiant Touch: Too much reviews on this!! But too bad cant get it in SG.. since hk have! OF COS i have to get it!! Love it.. haven tried using.. but will try it out soon n let u guys know!!

Lip Glosses : Dun need to explain why i got them already right? (Too Cute to resist)

*¤°•★ Lavshuca Eye Shadow Palette in BR-1 *¤°•★

Super nice Neutral colour... will try this out soon.. !! Pretty pigmented when i swatch the sample there.. but not sure if it shows on the eye...

*¤°•★ Liners - Dolly Wink + Heroine Make + Koji *¤°•★

DollyWink: Another must get to try.. love love the packaging.. n of cos its cheaper in HK.
Heroine Make Black Waterproof eyeliner - my backup eyeliner.
Koji Brown pencil liner: also a backup!! haha~~

*¤°•★ Koji Falsies in 06 *¤°•★

Super cute and cheap.. bot 2 to try!!


*¤°•★ Facial Cotton Pads + Cute Pen + Earpiece + BLack Leggings*¤°•★

*¤°•★ Pink Ribbin Hair Clip + Marie Cat Lens Case *¤°•★

From the random stuffs i bot.. u guys can c how much i love pink.. haha!! Anyway.. HK is a super nice place to and shop!! SHOP TILL U DROP!!

Hope u guys like the collective haul i have shared.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

~Product Invitation Review - b•liv by Cellnique~

Hi guys...

I had a product review invitation from Selina. Selina is a very nice gal and she expressed her email in a polite way. I was engaged to be part of b•liv’s blogger community to review on their products.

According to my description of my skin conditions... i have large pores and black heads on my nose... not really very serious but it really bothers mi... other parts of my face are alrite jus my nose. I hate big pores. haha~ so in return, she sent mi 2 products that target mainly on large pores to try out.

1. Shrink and Tighten +
2. Shrink and Tighten
(Click on it to direct to their website)

She also provided mi with the guidelines on how to use the products.

✿Shrink and Tighten +✿

Main Functions :

1. Reduce Pores
2. Tightening
3. Brightening

This product contains L-ascorbic acid which is also known as vitamin C, Shrink and Tighten+ stimulates collagen production at night which helps tighten pores and regenerate nutrients for firmer and brighter skin complexion.

Product Overview

☆ Very comfortable warm sensation while applying this product for the 1st time.. i think its probably due the the concentration of L-ascorbic acid. With the mild tingling sensation it made mi feel like the product is actually working on my pores.

☆ Strong citrus smell but will disperse off very quickly

☆ Clear Yellow liquid


☆ Apply 2-3 drops over entire face at nite after cleansing


1. The warm and comfortable sensation

2. The packaging is so cute n unique

3. My pores are slightly smaller after a using for about 2 -4 weeks ( i think it will be better after long term use)

4. Really made my skin firmer when i wake up the next morning.

5. No break outs yet


1. The product can be a little expensive (but worth is if u dun mind the price)

2. Slightly oily after application ( but absorbs over the nite)

Overall: ❤❤❤❤

✿Shrink and Tighten✿

Main Functions:

1. Reduce Pores
2. Barrier Repairing

This product is filled with collagen, antioxidants and skin cells repairing properties which helps to seal pores, prevent future problems and to calm down skin irritation.

Product Overview

☆ Refreshing citrus scent

☆ Sightly cloudy white fluid

☆ Smooth and non sticky


1. Apply one pump (for my face) over the entire face after cleansing


1. The nice refreshing citrus smell

2. Non oily/sticky

3. Absorbs really quickly

4. Helps to keep my face matte throughout the day even with makeup on

5. Love the simple packaging that comes with a pump. (more hygienic)

6. No break outs yet


1. Product is a little too expensive

Overall: ❤❤❤❤❤

A pic of my before and after using these 2 products.
(Note: pics are taken at slightly different bad lightings and enlarged to c the pores)

Can c from the pic that my pores are slightly smaller... n i got serious blackhead problem.. and very dry skin... pic is also taken after cleansing.. haha~ sigh~

b•liv is being very kind as they are now offering free samples to of Shrink and Tighten 3ml to my 1st 50 readers on their facebook fanpage >>
b•liv Facebook

To get the free samples simply jus leave your email address by commenting on the post together with ur blog url.

This giveaway is valid only one week after my review post which is on 11th of March. Free samples are only for readers that have not receive any samples from b•liv.

Hope u guys like the review and will come out with more reviews n mini hauls.
(sorry for being a little lazy~)


Thursday, February 24, 2011

~My Anna Sui Collections!~

Hey Gals..

Sorry for the lack of post once again... i am pretty lazy here... mood affects my inspiration of blog writing... haha~ anyway... i am here to share with u guys my favourite cosmetic brand... ANNA SUI! ❤❤❤ the rose design (i mean rose only..) and the nice rosy smell of their products.. and of cos.. the colour and the packaging... so.. if u guys wana get mi gifts.. buy anna sui... no doubt i will love it... haha~ (being thick skin for jus one sec but of cos i love to rec loves frm u guys!) haha~

I also purchased anna sui blush from Strawberrynet~ They provide free shopping worldwide for their cosmetics and Skincare products.. Awesome rite? and they have free gift for Ist order and subsequent discount for members.. So visit them n u will fall in ❤~

My Anna Sui Blush came in nice packaging... like a gift.. well .. i purchased a gift for myself... in nice bubble packed box... (no smashed products!!) i love it... so so much... haha... the colour was not wat i tot initially.. i tot is more to pinkish.. but actually its abit peachy tone.. but still i ❤ it.... and no fail.. it has the rosy smell tat i adore! And my 1st timer free gift is the Stila Lip Glaze Stick in Gingerbread. It smells abit like gingerbread too... haha... love the free gift thou its not the colour that i will always wear but i will wear it for the sake of!

The other anna sui items that i have....

Anna Sui Moisturising Fluid Foundation in P04 (bought it long ago)


1. Its very moisturing!!
2. Coverage not too bad
3. Rosy smell!


1. Slighty sticky after application but applying loose powder will solve the problem.

Anna Sui Protective Powder Foundation in P04 (Pressed Foundation)


1. Very convenient to apply (pretty casing too)
2. Good Coverage (well.. enough for me)
3. Refillable
4. Nice Rosy smell


1. Nothing at all!!

Anna Sui Loose Compact Powder UV in 701


1. The rose casing is soo cute
2. SPF14 PA++
3. Nice rosy smell


1. Dun reallly like the design of the refill
2. Harder to get powder out
3. Will not repurchase this one but will try out the other anna sui loose powder compact instead

Anna Sui Liquid Eye Colour G in 750 (brown) & 250 (purple)


1. Super bling!
2. Easy to apply
3. Dries up fast
4. Nice rosy smell


1. Nothing at all!!

Anna Sui Lip Rouge D in 371


1. Contains much glitters
2. Colour turn out so nice on my lips
3. Nice glittering pinkish colour
4. Quite long lasting
5. Super nice rosy smell


1. Nothing at all.. i ❤ it!!

Anna Sui Ring Rouge (Dun rem the colour code)


1. Too cute
2. Nice ring + Rouge = convenient
3. Nice rosy smell


1. Nothing at all!!

Anna Sui Eyelash Curler.


1. Normal Eyelash Curler (but cannot resist cos its anna sui)
2. Love the design n the colour!


1. It doesnt have rose smell (ok i am trying to be lame here!)

Anna Sui Face Colour in no.303


1. Too cute to bring out
2. Pinkish peachy colour
3. Easy to apply with the cute blush puff provided
4. Nice rosy smell


1. Nothing at all!!

Haha.. thats all for my anna sui products.... and mini review!

Hope u guys enjoyed it..

Upcoming post: Reviews on my Facial Cleansers



Tuesday, February 15, 2011

~Hada Labo Tea Party + Product Review~

Hello guys...

Another over due post~ but ya still wana thanks Hada Labo for organising this awesome tea party and gave us a better understanding of the products and of cos... freebies of products launching in around March 2011 exclusively in Watson (Singapore)!! So......Hada Labo Fans... (including me!) remember to check it out at Watsons!! Their upcoming products are as awesome!

The Hada Labo Tea party was organised at Takumi Tokyo Restaurant at Marina Keppel Bay. Super nice scenery and super windy there... 35 lucky fans were invited to the Hada Labo New Product Launch Party and i am one of them... never regretted to join cos i ❤❤❤ hada labo.. i have most of their products already before going to the party. i guess i almost collected the whole range. haha~

The new products that are lauching were nicely displayed on the table for us to sample and of cos the full range of their other products.

✿Hada Labo Products that are already available in Watsons.

The Whitening Range: I am currently using the Arbutin Whitening Lotion as my toner and Arbutin Whitening Milk as my daily moisturiser.

❤ Likes ❤

1. It have no fragrance, no alcohol, no mineral oils no colourants. Jus pure ingredients that are beneficial to our skin.. (in fact all of their products are like that)

2. Contains Arbutin which is an extract from natural plant bearberry and contains natural whitening properties. Helps to fight dark spots and rebalance skin tone.

3. Contains also vitamin C for renewal of dull skin.

4. Texture is light and a little is enough for the whole face.

5. Suitable for sensitive skin

✖ Dislikes ✖

1. Can be a little sticky and harder to absorb when apply too much.. (apply appropriate amt can solve this problem)

Overall : ❤❤❤❤

The Exfoliating Range: I have got the AHA/BHA Exfoliating face wash too...

❤ Likes ❤

1. Again its free from fragrance, mineral oils, alcohol and colourant.

2. Suitable for sensitive skin and low irritation while exfoliating.

3. Contains a combination of AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) and BHA (Salicyclic Acid) which provides clarity, brightness and promote healthy skin by preventing accumulation of dead skin cells.

4. Skin is immediately smoother after use.

✖ Dislikes ✖

1. None!!

Overall : ❤❤❤❤❤

The Hydrating Range: I got the Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Essense

❤ Likes ❤

1. Free from fragrance, mineral oils, alcohol and colourant.

2. Suitable for sensitive skin

3. Contains advance skin hydrating ingredient - super hyaluronic Acid which is 2x the moisture retention capacity of Hyaluronic Acid.

4. Super hydrating

5. Skin appear smooth after applying.

✖ Dislikes ✖

1. Slightly sticky

Overall: ❤❤❤❤

The New product Launching in March 2010 (Our Doorgift.. pampered!!! ♡___♡)

✿ Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Cream

❤ Likes ❤

1. Suitable for super dry sensitive skin

2. Free from fragrances, mineral oil, alcohol and colourant

3. Low irritation

4. Skin feels really hydrated after applying. Can be used as a hydrating night cream to achieve soft and hydrated skin in the morning

5. Do not need to use alot. One tub can last for a very long time

✖ Dislikes ✖

None at the moment.

Price: $25.90 @ 50g

Overall: ❤❤❤❤❤

✿ Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Mist (already bot it in msia before it launch in sg)

❤ Likes ❤

1. Contains 3 excellent hydrating ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Super Hyaluronic Acid and Nano Hyaluronic Acid which can deeply penetrates into skin to restore the moisture of skin

2. Can use after makeup (i used it to set my makeup too)

3, Feel refreshed and hydrated after using it.

4. Free from fragrances, mineral oil, alcohol and colourant.

✖ Dislikes ✖

None at the moment.

Price: $17.90 @ 45ml.

Overall: ❤❤❤❤❤

✿ Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Lip Gel

❤ Likes ❤

1. Super hydrating

2. Protect lips from drying

3. Helps soften chapped lips

4. Free from fragrances, mineral oil, alcohol and colourant

✖ Dislikes ✖

1. Slightly too sticky ( hair sticks on my lips when the wind blows~ haha!)

Price: $10.90 @ 8g

Overall: ❤❤❤❤

Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Lotion + Refill Pack

❤ Likes ❤

1. Most popular product of the range ( 1 sold every 4 secs in Japan)

2. Refill pack is super convenient (dun have to purchase another bottle)

3. Contains 3 excellent hydrating ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Super Hyaluronic Acid and Nano Hyaluronic Acid which can deeply penetrates into skin to restore the moisture of skin

4. Feels immediately hydrated after padding it in.

✖ Dislikes ✖

None!! totally ♡ it!!

Price: $19.90 @ 150ml refill pack

Overall: ❤❤❤❤❤❤

Super long post i know! This proves that i really used the products well.. haha.. ok.. back to the event~

Yummy foods served to us too during the event.. pretty hungry at that time.. lunchie time!

And...... I won the Best Dress Award!! ($100 Dining Vouchor) i wore real simple white dress which i ❤❤ alot.

Lastly, I would like to thank Hada Labo again for organising this event and hope the reviews are useful to u guys!! ❤ Hada Labo!!

Oh and one thing.. i took part in the Bihada Beauty Queen ~Pose & Win FB Contest~ Vote for mi... All u have to do is just go in and Click Like. Participants with more likes get the prizes. Fun!

Vote for mi HERE!! Thanks!!



~ Happy Chinese New Year ~

Hey Guys...

Sorry for lack of blogging... getting lazier after chinese new year... Wish u guys a very happy new year! Gong Xi Fa Cai and get more red packets!! Haha.. i didnt get as much since i didnt visit alot of places.. but its better than last year already.. This year i went to my bf's hometown... so travelled in msia... quite tedious due to the long car journey and with 4 adults squeezing at the back seat isnt really comfortable.. but i did enjoyed the short vacation... so much fun... :)

We started from Singapore → Kluang → Ipoh → Penang → Hap Chai (Thailand) → Ipoh → KL → Kluang!!!

Long Journey rite? but so fun to travel so many places in such a short time... like 4-5 days i think.

Didnt take much pics as we r always travelling and on the 1st day to Penang, I suffered from Gastric Flu and is super unbearable... no mood... but luckily my bf's papa got mi some medicine from drugstores.. Thank u bf's papa!!!

Chinese New Year Nail Art (Done by myself)
Outfit for 1st day of CNY feat baby Kaizhe

Both of us looking at the fallen red packet..❤❤

Isnt Jr Kai Zhe too cute to resist? My cutest newphew... :) Love him so much~~❤

Dog at Oppa's relative hse... she is sooo cute!

A Mini Haul before CNY at Sephora (Pressie from Oppa for our Monthsary)

✿Swatch for the nail polish No.M09 (the CNY nails that i did above)

✿ Urban Decay Primer Potion in SIN → Slightly Shimmery and really prevent creasing and make the eyeshadow colour stays longer and more vibrant. ❤ it too much!!

Jill Stuart Blush Blossom in o1 - Romantic Sweet Pea (Thanks oppa's sis for the gift frm tw)

✿ Dual Cheek colour in powder form

✿ Comes with a super cute blush brush and super cute packaging

✿ The bright pink colour on the right is quite pigmented... a little is enough... colour is super sweet..

I ❤ my 1st JS Blush to the max... the packaging is jus toooo princessy to resist!!

K Palette 24 hrs waterproof Liquid Eyeliner (Pressie from my Dear Christine)

✿ 24 hrs long lasting and Waterproof stated on the packaging (not as waterproof as it is but the liner can last pretty long unless u rub ur eyes and u may smudge it)

✿ Really fine tip.. but the flow of black liner "ink" is slow.

✿ Havent tried the free eyelashes but should be fine.

✿ Repurchase? No.. i will try other brands instead to compare with this one..

Dinner at Hanabi Japanese Restuarant (Review Click → HERE!!)

Hope u guys enjoyed the post... feel free to comment or ask me anything at winwin00

More posts coming along including reviews...

Take Care xoxo