Sunday, May 31, 2009

~ Giveaway @ Mayaari's blog ~

Wow... giveaway again... Mayaari is giving away great prizes.. check it out here !!!

Prizes that she is giving away:

Pack one

Pack 2

All u have to do is:

1. Be one of her follower
2. Mention her giveaway on your blog, and provide the link in your comment
3. Tell her which giveaway pack u want to win more - Pack 1 or Pack 2
4. Leave a comment to enter
5. Comment to be entered latest by 11:59 PM EST on Thursday, June 4.

So hurry~ good luck to u all~~


~ Simple Gothic Black Nail Art ~

Halo... finally got this done.. i took a video on how to do this nail art.. and i spent like... soooo sooo long to edit it... cos i took it with my mobile instead of using a camera...and ist time editing video as well... its a total failure!! I cant find my camera's CHARGER!! where did i place it?! Aniway.. i jus took out some screen shots and post it here.. Hope its simple enough to understand and hope u guys like it~

Procedures :

The Materials needed for this nail art. ( Black nail polish, Gold Glitter Nail Polish, Crystals, Wooden pick up stick, Tape and Scissors)

Start off with painting ur nails black and leave it to dry~ (Make sure its really dry enough if not the when peeling of the tape the nail polish will come out as well..)

Cut the tape into strips

Place it across the nails..

Do it on all fingers... i know my fingers are ugly!! =_=

Paint a coat of gold glitter nail polish on the outer part of the nail

Repeat procedure on all nails

Remove the tape gently when glitter nail polish is totally dry

Coat a layer of top coat along the line... Add crystals along it using the wooden pick up stick(choose can ur own type of crystals according to ur preferance.. i am using heart n round crystals)

Ta da.... Finished look... Rem to coat a few layers of transparent top coat so that the crystals can stay on ur nails for a longer period of time.... Hope u guys like it~~~


Saturday, May 30, 2009

~ BLUE Sat & Review on MAC Brush Cleanser ~

A very busy sat... tiring sat... hot & humid sat... FORGETFUL sat... i forgot to bring my mobile out... left it on my bed... life is really miserable without my mobile.. i actually dun quite like sat.. because i need to WORK.. 1/2 day~ the travelling time is so sickening!!! haha... aniway... some updates... i went to work in the morning.. finished work ard ard 12 plus... went to meet up with a customer who bot my handmade accessories to surprise his gf... so sweet of him.. he bot a necklace and a bracelet. Had a hard time tryin to locate him as i do not have my mobile with mi.. i had to call him using the PUBLIC PHONE.... well, the meet up was pleasant and the transcation went smoothly.. and i received a positive feedback from him when i reached home.. his gf loves the accessories ... that made my day~ my accessories link --> PrincessDiary ... haha...okie.... back to review on mac brush cleanser..

I bot this MAC Brush Cleanser abt a week ago.. and i find it really useful.... esp for people who love using brushes for makeup (some prefer using hands thou), people like mi is crazy over different kinda makeup brushes... i L O V E my mac 187 brush....


Description from the box: M.A.C Brush Cleanser is formulated to clean, disinfect and condition natural or synthetic cosmetic brushes.

Proper disinfecting of brushes is so so impt... as its all used on ur face.. u dun wan ur face to have break out due to improper cleaning of the brushes... this is also the reason why i got this cleanser... its actually very easy to use... it cleans the brush so easily and so QUICK.. and one more importantly ... it will NOT leave a weird smell... I am particularly sensitive to fragrance... so.. this product is definately best for mi!! Some pics are shown below on how i clean my brushes (this is taught by the mac counter's sales person)

Ingredients : Water/Aqua/EAU, Alcohol, Denat., Sodium Trideceth Sulfate, Disodium Lauroamphodiacetate, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Hexylene Glycol, Cetrimonium Chloride, Isopropyl Alcohol, Blue 1 and Red 33.

The Packaging~ Nice..BLACK!

Pink Solution in Plastic bottle~

My Dirty brushes~

Cleaning using Tissue ~

Cleaned Brushes... as NEW!!

Hope this review is useful for those who are planning the get this product... i love this product and i am sure.. u guys will like it too when u have it~


~ Hello Kitty Giveaway by Simply Nee ~

Hey gals... Hello Kitty Giveaway~ Those who loves hello kitty like myself must join.. Take a look her blog at the prizes she posted, definately adorable!! I jus love hello kitty..

This is one of my fav hello kitty items i have...My hello kitty floor mat... sorry its a bit dirty cos my dog likes to sleep on it~ =_=


Friday, May 29, 2009

~ Giveaway @ Cherry Colours

Hey Guys.... Cherry Colours is giving away these following items which i think its pretty cool. Kindly check it out and good luck to u guys~~ The give away is open to everyone... so hurry~ The give away ends on June 15 ( 15/06/2009).

1st prize winner :

  • Essence Quick Dry Nail Spray
  • Essence Nail polish corrector pencil
  • Essence Click&Color nail polish pen - 04 Hot Coral
  • Essence Metal Glam Eyeshadow - 03 Dress to Impress
  • L'Occitane 20% Shea Butter Hand Cream (30ml)

Some information abt the prizes that u r going to win:

1. Essence Quick Dry Nail Spray

Practical Quick n dry pump helps to accelerate drying of nail polish and nail accessories. To use just simply spray on your nails and the nail polish will dry up in a few seconds later . This is a great product to recommend esp for applying several layers of polish. Its free of aerosols.

2. Essence Nail polish corrector pencil

Correct mistake done while applying nail polish... easy and not messy~ Couldn't find much info on this so i gave my own comments.. haha~ Not bad product i guess

3. Essence Click&Color nail polish pen - 04 Hot Coral

Quick and easy nail polish pen to make your nails shine in a beautiful new colour. Apply it smoothly to your nails with just one click and a stroke of the brush. Comes in a practical pen-shape. Amazing product which is handy enough to put into your bag. Reapply anytime when u feel like it~~

4. Essence Metal Glam Eyeshadow - 03 Dress to Impress

Loose powder eye shadows in metallic shades with the incredibly practical sponge applicator, helps to apply your eyeshadow more evenly.

5. L'Occitane 20% Shea Butter Hand Cream (30ml)

Shea butter comes from the nut inside the fruit of the Shea tree growing wild in the arid fringes of the Sahara Desert. The properties of the Shea nut has been used for centuries to protect, nourish and moisturise the skin. This product have high content of Shea butter which help soothing and nourishing dry, dehydrated skin. Definitely a good product to try~

Check out the 2nd prize items too!! They are as great as the 1st prize items~

With Luv,


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

~ PrincessDiary - Little Angel Earrings ~

Halo Guys, more and more accessories coming on the way... introducing the Little Angel Earrings... absolutely adorable... fashionable n unique~ Made up with Swarovski Crystals.. Available in Pink and Purple (the wings).. hee hee.. anyway pls also kindly comment if u guys like this designs ok? To view more of my handmade accessories, pls go to --->

Little Angel Earrings - PINK

Little Angel Earrings - PURPLE 01

Little Angel Earrings - PURPLE 02

Hope u guys like it~

With Luv,
Win Win

Monday, May 25, 2009

~ Finally ~

Finally... after so much hardwork (Staring at the lappy for hrs ), i changed my template!! Add in Cbox... Tats amazing... for mi... i am totally IT idiot~ Thanks u Mr FATTY for his help in searching webby for templates thou i ended using the one i found... but APPRECIATE his help... ( L00k.. i am praising u~ ) Anyway... have to go sleep... ZzZzz......... more updates coming... heez.....

With Luv,

Sunday, May 24, 2009

~ PrincessDiary New Collection ~

Hey guys, i am very new to blogspot so if i made any mistakes pls pardon mi.. ok? haha.. rather than slacking away my whole sunday at home waiting for mushrooms to grow on my head...i suddenly tot of making accessories.. the inspiration jus.. pop out frm no where.. maybe i am jus too bored! I dun even rem how long ago was the last time i made accessories.. erm.. maybe... more than 6 mths or even longer? i SERIOUSLY dun rem.. haha.. i am so sorry for those who waited for new designs.. i am jus toooooo L A Z Y !! Anyway.. these are the accessories i have made today and those who r interested kindly email mi at

Adorable Pink Earrings

Glam Blue GoldStone Earrings

Pink "T" & Pants Earrings

I Heart U Earrings

Season of Love Earrings

My Angel Hp Strap

With ♥