Friday, November 30, 2012

November Favorites

Hello cuties, I have not done any favourite post before and I thought why not since I like to share with you guys on the things I like and which I recommend. So here is it…
Make up products

Maybelline Eye Studio Colour Tattoo 24 hrs Cream Shadow (woo..that’s a mouthful)

Shades that I have à Bad to the bronze 25 & Tough as Taupe 35 but I preferred Bad to the bronze a lot more. View above for swatches of the product.

The consistency of the product is pretty smooth and it glides on the lid effortlessly. It is also very blendable and colour can be built up to your own preference. This cream shadow does not crease at all.. I wore it for at least 8 hours before and it did not crease on me. I do not have oily lids but I think for those who have oilier lids it can last at least 4 hours without creasing on you.
Bad to the bronze is a very nice deep brown bronzy colour which is good for everyday on the go look. You can also add some darker shades at the outer corner to smoke out the whole look. Love it!! I highly recommend this product.

Singapore has yet to launch this product, my best friend got it for me from Aussie when she came to visit me in Singapore. I definitely want to try out more colours… wait… wait… wait… for Singapore to launch. 

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

Shade à 2W1 Sand 36

I got this foundation because I wanted to find a good coverage foundation for my bridal makeup. I was recommended by my friend that this foundation has very good coverage and the lasting power is awesome.

To start off, I read reviews online and also youtube and this product is indeed highly raved. Then I went to counters to get my foundation colour matched. I am around NC25 and I think Ivory is slightly lightly for my skin tone and Sand matches my skin tone. So I choose the one which match my skin tone so that I can wear more often and not just for the sake of bridal makeup.
The consistency of this product I can say is pretty decent, not too thick and not too watery. The coverage is medium but you can build it up to full coverage. I think the only downside of this product is that it is quite dry. It dries up pretty quickly and you need to blend faster to uneven patches. I would not recommend this foundation to someone who has super dry skin.
Overall, I like the coverage, I like that it helps to create flawless skin and like the lasting power. This product is my Holy Grail foundation!! ❤❤❤

Sephora ultra vinyl Lip Pencil

Love this Lip pencil, its super creamy and the colour pigmentation is pretty decent. It can be worn alone or top off with a gloss. It is also quite long wearing. Since its so convenient to put on, I have been using it like so often. haha. 

Downsides of this product à you need to sharpen it. I would prefer if the design is those twist up type lip pencil. 

Skin Care products

Lancome Blanc Expert Derm-Crystal

I am a Lancome skincare freak… I have tried many of their products and the Lancome Genifique is my Holy Grail. I have been using it for more than 1 year and continuing. Let me know if you guys want a review on Lancome Genifique as I believe the reviews of this product can be readily found online. Haha.

Ok going back to Lancome Blanc Expert Derm-Crystal, this product is designed to target the dermis, original source of natural light, to reveal skin’s inner light as never before (referring to the website). Layman term: it helps to brighten or “Whiten” complexion and making skin luminous.
This product is lightly scented, love the scent of it and its pretty comfortable. The consistency of this product is quite watery when you 1st drip out from the dropper however when it is applied onto the face, it became slight thicker and a little tacky, so bear in mind not to put too much product at one go.

Overall, it did brighten up my skin slightly and I have been using this product for about 2 months and only in the morning after my lancome genifique, will also update if the effect is better after a longer period of usage. 

SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion

This product is remarkable!!! I believe everyone is raving about the Facial Treatment Essence however I personally feel that this product works better for me. I use the clear lotion as my toner after I cleanse my face with a cotton pad. I think this product works well as the 1st step to keep my skin clear and it actually helps in getting rid of the little bumps on my cheeks (I am not sure why and how the bumps are formed but I hate the feeling of it!! I think it’s there when my skin is too dry)  as well as controlling break outs. So I can’t live without this product now haha!

The consistency of this product is very light and watery. It can be readily absorbed into your skin and does not leave any uncomfortable feeling. My skin feels smooth after applying it and I feel it actually prep my skin well for the next product. 

Overall, I love love love this product and super recommend to everyone. 

Random products

Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki Brush

I have previously reviewed on this product from Sigma. Click here for the review. I love to use this brush to blend out my liquid foundation. It enables me to achieve a flawless look and also make application of foundation a lot quicker. I just need to dot dot dot my foundation evenly on my face and in a few swipes using Sigma F80… tadah I am done!!! J

I personally love sigma brushes and I am waiting for my black Friday order to be delivered to me. I have ordered the P80 Precision Flat Brush. It like baby F80!! Cute!! I plan to use it to blend out my concealer. I will do a review once I receive the product.

Disclaimer: Please note that all products mentioned are purchased by my own money except for Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki is sent to me for honest review.  

Thanks for reading my blog. 

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Review: Bioderma Sensibio H2O - Sensitive Skin

Hello babes, 

I am challenging myself to put up more blog posts and not being too lazy... Today I am going to review on BIODERMA Sensibio H2O which is used for daily cleansing and removes make-up. Again I am reviewing on makeup removers again. 

Previous review on other makeup removers: 

❤Bifesta Cleaning Lotion

Biore/Dove/Kanebo Freshel

❤Bifesta & Simple Make up Removal Wipes

BIODERMA Sensibio H2O is specially formulated for Sensitive, normal to dry skin. The Micellar Solution gently cleanses face and eyes. It claims to also remove water proof makeup.

More information on BIODERMA  Click Here

My friend introduced this product to me last year when I visited her in Hong Kong, back then it has not been launched in Singapore. I took some from her to try out as it is considered pretty pricey for a water based makeup remover and I am also unsure of its efficiency in removing makeup. 

My 1st impression of this product is AMAZED. I am amazed that this clear watery solution can actually remove my makeup. It looks like drinking water to me. It claims to be able to remove waterproof makeup, to my opinion, yes it is able to but you need to spend longer time removing the water proof mascara. One downside of this product, it actually sting you eyes BADLY!! I was like tearing like nobody's business so I still do not advise to use this as a eye makeup remover unless you feel like crying. I am not sure if its just my eyes being too sensitive but one of my friend shared the same thought as me... 

I have repurchased this product at Guardian. BIODERMA sebium is for oily & combination skin which I believe it is in Green colour packaging. I chose the pink one because my skin is very dry and pretty sensitive at times.

❥How to Use

  • Soak a cotton pad with Sensibio H2O and cleanse the face and eyes and/or remove any make-up.
  • No rinsing is requires however, it is essential to dry your skin. Dry gently. Dab your face with a clean cotton towel.
  • It can be used daily, morning and evening
❥How WinWin use her Bioderma

I used this as an extra step to final cleanse my face after removing my makeup with Bifesta Makeup Cleansing Wipes. This is to make sure that my face is totally free from makeup residue as this is a very important step if you want to have clean and healthy skin. I will soak the cotton pad with Bioderma Solution and wipe my face gently and repeat until I don't see any residue on the cottom pad. 100% CLEAN! 

❥WinWin's Tots

I think this product is good but not advisable to use as eye makeup remover. It seriously stings your eyes badly. I think I will repurchase as it can really helps to remove my face makeup gently and effortlessly. 

This product can be purchased at Watsons and Guardians. I am not sure if SaSa has it too. It is slightly pricey compared to some of the makeup removers but I think it is definitely worth it. 

Thanks for reading and I hope this review is helpful to you. 

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Review : Make Up Remover Wipes @ Bifesta & Simple

Hi Hi Lovelies,

I am back for more reviews... as you know I like to try new makeup removers to find which best suit me and of cos to determine which can actually fall in my holy grail makeup removers category.

 I have reviewed on a few product previously, click on the links below if you are interested to find out what I think about them.

 ❤ Bifesta Cleaning Lotion

 Biore/Dove/Kanebo Freshel

 Today I am going to review on 2 makeup wipes that I have recently purchased and tried.

 1. Bifesta Water Based Cotton Cleansing Sheets.


This product is similar to the Bifesta Cleaning Lotion that I have reviewed earlier but now the form of wipes which makes it more convenient especially for travel.

Each packet consists of 46 sheets which can last you for a month or maybe slightly longer depending on individual's usage.

❥Information on Packaging

For normal to Dry Skin - Gentle and Refreshing Water Based Cotton Sheets that throughly removes makeup & dirt. Contains Ceramide-like ingredient for Moisturising.

This product claims 100% Oil free. Its water based formula leaves skin fresh and non- sticky for a super clean and comfortable feel. (True enough, my face does not feel sticky at all after using and no discomfort is caused as the wipes are pretty soft)

Throughly removes makeup without the need to rinse off or double cleanse with facial wash. (Yes you can choose not to double cleanse but usually I would still wash my face with facial wash to ensure all traces of makeup have been removed..) 

Its gentle and fast removal of makeup makes it pleasure to use(This I totally AGREE!!) 

This product is oil free, colouring free & Fragrance Free (Love Love Love!!!)

❥WinWin's Tots

Love this product!! It really make life so much easier when removing makeup. The wipes are decently soaked with the cleansing lotion and most of the time, one wipe is sufficient for my whole face makeup. However, I do not recommend to use it to remove waterproof mascaras, it will take quite a while to remove and alot of tugging will be involved.

Price range is about $15.90 SGD and it is available at Watsons. I think the price is pretty reasonable since it can last me for more than a month.

I think it has quickly became one of my holy grail makeup wipes and I strongly recommend lazy people like me to try this out and its great and handy for travels too!!

❤❤ The plastic closure also helps to retain the moisture of the wipes more efficiently compared to those resealable type.  

  Overall, I really like this product and this is my 2nd packet already and will definitely continue to repurchase this product.

2. Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes


Each packet consist of 25 wipes which can last for about 20 - 25 days depending on individual's usage.

❥Information on Packaging

Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

❤❤ This product claims to contain Vital Vitamins - Pro Vitamin B5 which actively restores, softens and smoothes skin. Contains no alcohol, Oil, Perfume and Colour. Dermatologically Tested and Approved. It also claimed that it is able to remove water proof mascara (I do not think that these wipes can remove waterproof makeup / mascara)

❤❤ For best results, gently wipe over eyelids, face and neck to cleanse the skin morning and night. Ensure pack is resealed to prevent the wipes from drying out.

❥WinWin's Tots

❤❤ I am not impressed with this product. I personally feel that the wipes does not contain enough cleansing product to remove makeup efficiently and the wipes are pretty rough. I do not think that it is able to remove waterproof makeup or mascara. If you do not wear alot of makeup or waterproof makeup, this product can definitely do its job. 

❤❤ The pack must be sealed back properly to prevent drying out of product.

❤❤ Will not repurchase this product and I would only use these wipes during light makeup days.

Thats all for my reviews today.. Hope you guys find it useful and definitely feel free to comment or request for reviews.

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