Sunday, July 26, 2009

~ 1st look created using CS 88 shimmer palette ~

halo guys... was playing with my new CS 88 shimmer palette today .. i have chosen green clr eyeshadow for the palette to play with. I was actually tryin to replicate this look below. The model below used Coffret D'OR 2009 Spring SA Eye palette in Green tone. I find this look very adorable and i haven tried putting on green eyeshadow for a very long time.. so i tot i could try it out~~ so i did... but of cos.. it didnt come out exactly the same.. since i am using diff palette... haha... but some how quite close i reckon... wat do u guys think abt this look? give mi some comments k? hahha~~

Pretty Model look~~

My Green E/S Version~

Colour got washed off by the lousy hp cam~ :(

omg~~ eye bags... CRY!!

Hope u guys like it.. will do the step by step pic tut if u all want to knw how to create this look.. so .. if u guys wan to know how... u can request n i will try my best to do pic tut for this look~~ ok? :)


Saturday, July 25, 2009

~ Coastal Scents Ultra Shimmery Palette, Whitia Mask, Hairstyle & makeup for the day~

Hey Guys.. have been super busy this week.. doin my handmade accessories blog, Stressed at work~~ and finally here comes SAT!! Why is there only one SAT in a week? why cant we have more weekends??!! S A D !!

Finally got my 88 palette for coastal scents.. bot on ebay.. collected today.. pics will be posted below.. too many clrs for swatches... but pls request if u guys wan swatches for any clr.. i bot.. the ultra shimmery one.. was actually deciding whether to get the original 88 palette or this ultra shimmery but i ended up choosing the ultra shimmery one.. cos i think i will like tt better... will get the original one when i have extra $$ n duno where to spend! haha~~

Also bot Silk Whita Whitening and Moisturing Mask from SASA. Comes in a box of 5 masks.

The mask contains highly permeable mini Hyaluronic Acid particles which instantly replenish moisture while the Vit C whitening factor penetrates into the skin promoting a radiant and hydrated appearance.

Ingredients: Sepi White MSH, Hyaluronic Acis, Collagen, Vit E, Vit C, N.M.F., Propylene Glycol, C.M.C., Methyl Paraben, DI water.

I have not tried the mask yet.. but will update when i try it.. the results should be fine i reckon since there are quite a number of good comments on these masks. haha~

Last but not least.. showing u guys my looks for the day~ sorry my hp camera is not tt good.. i wan to buy camera.... my sony T90 in Pink!!! working hard towards it~~ haha..

I am seriously in love with braiding my hair~~ its hard to take pic of my hair with hp cam.. -___________-'''

Top View

Back View

My makeup look~

Close up~

Trying hard to look down~


Make up used:

Face: - Anna Sui Liquid Foundation in P04
- Anna Sui Loose Powder
- Shishedo Blusher

Eyes: - Mac Concealer in NW20
- Loreal E/S stick in Grey (bot long ago)
- Bloom Pure mineral E/S in Moonstone
- Black shimmery E/S pigment ( outer V)
- Fasio Hyper-stay mascara
- Kate Gel eyeliner
- Majolica Neo Auto Liner in Bk911

Lips: Any Nudy clr n top up with Gloss~~

Hope u guys like it~~ My hp cam didnt capture the eyeshadow clr... :(
Anyway... Feel free to comment~ n dun forget to visit my accessories blog too~ Thanks~~



Wednesday, July 22, 2009

~ Opening of PrincessDiary Accessories ~

Hey Guys...

I have created another blog for my handmade accessories.. pls kindly support my new accessories blog too.. :)

Link >> PrincessDiary Accessories

Thanks alot~~


Monday, July 20, 2009

~ Notes from Toothfairy Giveaway ~

Hey guys... Note from toothfairy is having a giveaway to celebrate her 2nd mth blog anniversary~ Absolutely awesome prize --> small Gucci cosmetic bag in black!!! omg.. i love gucci~ hhaa.. i wanr i want.. i want... hahaa...

Jus to share with u guys... since i am always not lucky enough in winning giveaways~ haha!!

How to enter:
1) Leave a comment, containing your name, email and a question for me. Any question is allowed.
2) I know you want to keep it for yourself, to enhance the winning chance, but Spread the word, blog about it!
3) Optional, become a follower. Only if you like the blog and find it worth to follow. I'd rather have readers than "followers".
The giveaway is open to everyone. Everyone has equal chance to win. It starts now and the last day to subscribe will be sunday, 08/02. Giving all of you 2 weeks to enter.The winner will be randomly drawn from all contestants.

Good luck!!

~ Love Parcel for Queenie, Mini Hauls, Updates ~

Hello guys... haven been updating my blog for quite a while... quite busy n tired at work recently... A good news to share is... i jus got promoted to Assistant QC Officer... but... now with alot more responsibilities.. S T R E S S E D ~! haha~ Received LOVE PARCEL from queenie today... so happy... she bot mi.. neutrogena wave ( cos i like pink so she bot me something pink~), Rimmel Pro Eyeliner, Sportgirls liquid eyeshadow ( i love sportgals) & love note frm her.... soo sweet of her... i love u queenie~~ muacks >3<

Tried the neutrogena wave... Have this tingly cool feeling when applied to face, gives a smooth feel after washing off ~ not bad... quite fun to play with cos vibrates... haha!!

The rimmel eyeliner... not waterproof.. but thin tip which is good for drawing fine precise line... not bad not bad... the liquid eyeshadow is soo nice.. give a peachy shimmery pink clr... very easy to apply~ (Swatches below)

Bot a new eyebrown pencil + eyebrown mascara last week... nice light brown clr eyebrown pencil which comes with eyebrown mascara.. This eyebrown mascara brightens eyebrown colour. The mascara may be used to tone down thick, black brown to match ur hair colour ( which i needed now.. since my hair clr is lighter than before~)

( Sequence: Eyebrown mascara, Eyebrown pencil, Sportgirls liquid e/s & Rimmel Pro eyeliner)

I also bot... one e/s from etude hse.. is so nice pigmented n cheap.. very shimmery as well and MAjolica Majorca Neo Automatic Liner in BK911.. Wanted to buy this liner since some time ago... finally got it!! I like this liner alot... is easy to apply ... the liner hardly smudge... jus that it is not waterproof but i still love it~~

(Sequence: Neo Automatic Liner in BK911, Etude Hse Plum shade E/S)

Thats abt all my updates for these 2 weeks... haha... planning to get the coastal scents Ultra Shimmer 88 palette... give my some comments on that.. Cant wait to get it... haha~~


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

~ Amanda's Giveaway ~

Dear babes... Its giveaway time again... Amanda is having her great giveaway!!

Prizes includes :

4 magazines Lucky, Cosmo, Self, Martha Stewart Living
- Crabtree & Evelyn Pedicure set
- Essie nail Polish in Atlantis Pearl
- Maybelline Lash Stiletto in Very Black
- Aveeno baby Sunblock Spf 55
- Nivea Soft Creme
- Bath & Body Works Shower gel in japanese cherry blossom
- Bath & Body Works PocketBac in Cucumber melon
- To Do List notepad
- Cover Girl Lipslicks Clear
- Aerie Shimmer body mist
- NYC Liquid lip shine
- NYC Liquid eyeliner- Sephora body wash

To Join:

Rules and Regulations: Must be a follower**

For 1 Entry: **

1. Follow her blog and Comment on her giveaway post

For 3 entries:

2. Get the word out - Post on your blog - don't forget to comment and link where you've posted it.

Leave a valid email address so that she can contact you if your email address is not shown on your profile.

All entries must be in by Monday August 3rd, 2009 11:59pm EST.
The winner (1) chosen at random and will be announced Tuesday August 4th, 2009.

Tats it... join now~~ :)


Saturday, July 11, 2009

~ Honest Scrap Tagged by Rita ~

Hey guys... i was tagged by Rita , my 1st tag as well... hmm... thinkin hard wat to confess.. haha.. being honest!! haha... erm.. must i list down 10? Tats so hard... but ya.. i will try too... ^_^

hope u guys know mi better after this... tag...............

1. I graduated from University of Queensland (Bachelor in Applied Science) last yr. It was a sudden decision to further my studies but i didnt regret it as i get to know so many nice pple ard the world.. some became my super close frens~

2. I treasure frenship alot.. dislike pple who take me for granted. I have many frens but only a few true frens... i shall mention their names... (Fatty, Queenie, Felicia, Christine, Ernest)

3. I am the only daughter and i have 2 bros... one elder n one younger... thou i am the only gal.. i was not the one they cared the most... traditional parents... guys r more impt... sob.. but still i can survive my way thru this 20 something years.. and i have mani pple who really dote on mi ... like my fatty, ernest, queenie n felicia~ i truely appreciate them~

4. I am considered quite tall for a gal.. 170.5cm.. haha.. and pretty slim.. i am aiming to put one slightly a bit more weight...

5. Due to my height, i have long legs... so i love wearing mini skirts, short dresses n shorts.. mostly above knee length. i seldom wear jeans...

6. I love my bangs... like anithing that is pink.. love makeup, skin care products... love shopping but... limited capital... haha.. love my LV neverfull~

7. i am working as a QC technician in a beverage company and i deal with raw material to finished product checks... including microbiology checking.. a job with big responsibilities but pretty much routine job~

8. i am a funni and extremely blur, clumsy gal... accident prone... got bruise all over without knowing where i have knocked myself onto... haha...

9. i am really grateful to those who helped mi, cared for me when i needed them... esp when i am in aussie... i love u guys.. I love u Queenie... n Fatty~ n Cookie~~

10. OMG, FINALLY I CAME TO THE LAST ONE WITH MY MIND TOTALLY BLANK!! ok.. i had a side line.. making handmade accessories.. it started initially as a past time hobby.. learning to make things for myself... but after some tots.. i think i could make it as my sideline.. so i started selling my handmade accessories online... the sales are ok but i have stopped for a period of time when i am in aussie... so i have to restart all over again now~ haha... goin to create a new blog for my accessories... meanwhile.. u can view my accessories at this link .. support me guys~ :)

phew... finished... and i will tag some pple who i wanted to know more abt them too...

Sassy Jadore
Cherry Colours
My Digital Rush
♥ rHaiN drOpZ faLLing oN mY hEaD ♥
...For IN and OUT Beauty...
__________L.O.V.E.S. IT_________

Those who r tagged by me.. pls do take part in it... i really wished to know u guys better... haha..


Thursday, July 2, 2009

~ PrincessDiary Pearl Necklace w Swarovski Heart Crystal ~

Hey guys, i have been quite lazy for a while.. haa.. neglected my princessdiary~ haha... aniway... made 2 new necklace... simple... elegant... n nice! Hope u guys like it.. Items can be shipped internationally. For more.. designs... kindly visit --> PrincessDiary ~~ Colour of pearls / Swarovski crystal can be customised.

White Pearl Necklace with Red Swarovski Crystal

Purple & Black Pearl Necklace with Black Jet Swarovski Crystal


~ Stacieee's Giveaway ~

Hey Guys... Stacy is having a give away to celebrate 100 followers... All u have to do is...

1. Be a follower

2. Leave a comment below with the following:

a) let her know how you came across her blog
b) what color you think suits her the best
c) what one product you would recommend for her to try
d) list 5 products that you have been meaning to pick up or want to try but never got a chance to It can be any type of products - food, hair, skin, makeup.

Thats it~ easy as tt... join it now~ :)