Tuesday, December 28, 2010

~End of Winwin's 1st bday giveaway~

Dear all..

Thank u for participating in this giveaway.. it has officially ended and give mi some time i will choose the winner and contact u guys by email~ hope u guys had great great xmas and get prepared to enjoy the upcoming new year celebrations... tonnes of love!!

Pics of my bday will be posted later.. haven got time to sort it... not much thou.. jus a simple celebration with my dear bf... :)


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

~ Advance bday celebration with Christine Dear at Sushi Teh~

December has always been the most busiest and happiest mth of the year for me.. Why? cos its Xmas mth... bday mth... and NEW YEar.... I waited for 12 mths... for my bday .. well who dont? haha... aniway.. every year's dec i will have separate celebrations for my bday with different group of frens... like meeting this meeting that.. good to keep mi busy~ :)

Reminder: Winwin Bday Giveaway~ left with 6 days before closing~ :)

I had advance bday celebration with my dearest Christine babe... she always made my bday so special and sooo much unexpected suprise from her.. thou its jus a few hrs meet up... its always unforgettable for mi~ This yr as usual.. we met up for dinner... cos she is busy with work n bf... so usually we can only hang out in the evening on weekdays.. Knowing that i love love love jap food... she chose to dine at Sushi Teh~ We ordered alot... of salmon sushi.. i mean most of the dishes i ordered has salmon sashimi.. cos i love it... i think i finished the whole salmon salad all by myself.. cos she dun eat raw food... i ate all~~ she jus help to eat the veggies... oh.. i have to mention.. the wafuu dressing for my salmon salad is awesome... super duper delicious... taste heavenly GOOD!! if u guys are to dine in at Sushi Teh.. n u love Salmon Sashimi? u must must order this salad with wafuu dressing... best combi and the Salmon sashimi in Sushi Teh is soo fresh! Juicy~ Chewy... *drools*

My FAV Salmon Sashimi Salad w Wafuu Dressing~
Salmon Don

I forgot the name of this dish.. potato something~

We tried to make a heart shape~
Me with my Salmon Salad~ Wafuuuu~
Tryin to block the gal behind mi~

I was so so soo full and trying my best to finish all the rice for my salmon don... apparently i cant.. cos tooo full after eating the big whole plate of salmon salad... chawan mushi... i tot.. its ok to waste the little rice left... who knoes... she asked the waitress to clear the table and gosh... CAKE.... i am like ... omg how am i goin to finish the cake when i am so full... usually she will buy mi a slice of my fav strawberry shortcake... then i saw the waitress coming with 2 paper bags.. thinking again.. why are there 2 paper bags? so when Christine unload the stuffs from the paperbag... She bot 4 slices of strawberry shortcake from different cake shop... she is so sweet... ❤ her extremely.. thou its not an expensive surprise but its so sweet of her to spend time searching for different starwberry shortcake...
My strawberry shortcakes~
Me and my strawberry shortcake~

After negotiating... with her for very long... (fierce eye glances from the pple who are stil waiting for seats) haha... i jus need to eat one slice and take home 3... i think i will die if she ask mi to finish all ... super fulllll..... I love u Christine... She is one of my bestie.. that i can never live without... The amount of frens u have is not the most important factor.. the most important factor is they are always there when u needed them~

Coming up: Mini haul and review on Kanebo Freshel White C Cleaning Oil~



Sunday, December 19, 2010

~ Dinner at Porn's Sexy Thai Food ~

Hey gals... jus to update u guys.. if u haven already join my bday giveaway.. left with 8 days before closing... click this link to join my giveaway >>> WinWin 1st Bday Giveaway!

Toking abt thai food... i am not a fan of thai food cos its toooo hot and spicy for mi... but i chose this restuarant for dinner cos... the atmosphere looks good and my oppa loves spicy food... so wat to do... follow my love ones appetite.. haha~ Actually i have been told quite a no of times abt this restuarant... Its actually opened by one of the celebrities in Singapore... well he is from Thailand i think... but study in Singapore... or watsoever.. i am not sure abt the details but ya.. he is always appearing on tv shows and programme... so i guess most Singaporean knoes him.. haha...

This Porn's Sexy Thai Food is opened by Pornsak... i think this is how to spell his name.. i am sorry if i got it wrong... its located at 28 Liang Seah Street... nearest mrt will be bugis station. The serving of the food there is not very big... we chose most of the chef recommended dishes... and we are quite satisfied with the taste and everything...

Pricing.... abit x i guess... but still not unreasonably x... well if u think u dun mind spending a decent amt of money to try out the food there.. its definately recommended... and not all dishes are spicy.... my fave dish is the stir fried pork.. super nice.. n not spicy at all.. i finished most of it~ including the side veggies... cucumbers and lettuce.. haha~

Belows are pics of the dishes we order along with the prices~

Tom Yum Soup with Prawn - $10.90
Stir Fried Pork wih Gravy - $8.90
Stir Fried KangKong - $7.50
Green Mango Salad - $7.90
Thai Iced Tea - $3.90
The random elephant drawings on the wall...
We also ordered white rice to go along with our dishes... each white rice is $1... Total bill + 10% service charge = $41.10... Kinda pricey for 2 person but still worth a try!!
Go down n try it if u guys like thai food... recommended... :)

~ Advance xmas and bday celebration with my babes ~

Hey gals..

I think i am pretty productive tonite.. 2nd post of the nite.. haha~ aniway... cos i have been slacking over the weekends... and neglecting my blog... so... here am i trying to be hardworking back.. haha~

Meet up with Adeline and Aarren last wed at Raffles City for dinner... This meetup purpose is supposed to be my advance bday dinner treat and of cos... our catch up session.. Met my gorgeous for dinner at Ding Tai Feng Restaurant.. for a simple dinner.. n was suprised to receive my Ist Xmas pressie from Adeline.... Aarron and I did not expect to receive pressie from Ade.. so both of us did not prepare anithing... haha~


My Purple Eye Makeup with falsies ~

So sweet of Ade... she got us hand lotions from Crabtree & Evelyn.. 3 types of different hand lotions.. (Hand Therapy --> Hand Remedy --> Hand Recovery) in a super nice box.. with pretty ribbon...

Nice rite? the smell is abit strong... i guess is something like lavender? but still bearable.. i will prefer if its light rosy smell... but i still love the pressie... will definately use it~

After dinner.. Ade suggested to buy a slice of cake ... for mi.. Since bday should have a cake... well appreciated.. so we went to Fruit Paradise.... haha.. the cake there are all super nice super attractive in appearance and of cos... taste wonderful... I think all the cakes there were made of fruits... tts why its called the Fruit Paradise. Haha...

Winwin and mango strawberry cake... tasted heavenly nice... haha~ LOVE!

Yum yum.. after finishing the whole big slice of mango strawberry cake.. we all head home.. miss them already... hopefully get to meet them soon again....

Camwhoring before i remove my makeup~ :)

My bb cream didnt fail mi... it lasted thruout the whole nite... still looking almost like i jus finished doing my makeup~ :)

Gonna sleep soon.... Nitey babes...



~ Random ~

Hi babes...

Haven been blogging for a few days.. was a little upset due to the little response to my bday giveaway.. but saw a few more entries made my day~ aniway... my followers.. pls join my ist bday giveaway.. prizes might not be super great but its all picked up by mi sincerely~ :)

My bday giveaway link --> Click me!

Ok... since its random bloggin now.. i will jus include watever i have left out blogging abt these few days.. haha~ ok talking abt the Sigma brush~ i got my Kabuki flat top retractable brush from Sigma Makeup and i absolutely love love love it... its so so soft n handy since its retractable.. u can always bring it aniwhere or even on travel.. u can also choose to load up powder on the brush before goin out... n save the trouble of bring ur loose powder whenever u needa touch up.. haha.. tts wat i will use for.. definately great for applying liquid foundation... i used it to apply my bb cream... since i am trying to cut down foundation... sorry to my anna sui liquid foundation.. i miss u sooo much~ haha~

I bot this brush on Black Friday offer.. when they have free shipping worldwide.. so.. why do i wana miss the chance... haha~ i love their service n the package came in decent bubble pack envelope and a nice red packaging... love it!!

~ Pictures of my Sigma brush ~

Nice purple clr brush.. it comes in other colours too... but for the flat top i think it only comes in purple... Miss Taylor... kabuki brush.. :)

Check out their website.. and i think they are having holiday promotion.. click the link given on top~ and purchase ur perferred brush too~

One OOTD and ist time using my kabuki brush to apply my bb cream~ i know its kinda blur.. hard to take a full pic of mine without my mirror~ haha~

Camwhoring with the scarf that my chagiya gave mi as farewell gift~
Winwin =P

Monday, December 13, 2010

~ Wonderful Enjoyable Weekend ~

Hey gal,

How did u guys spent ur weekend.. i had mine in Malaysia celebrating my bf's mum bday~ His daddy drove in Singapore to fetch both my bf and i and his family and i went for a short shopping spree in Sg.. but i didnt managed to get anything.... due to the tight schedule as we are suppose to leave for JB in the evening for dinner. so.. we were like rush rush rushing but was stucked at the custom for like 45 mins.. luckily we still made it in time for the dinner...

we went to Grand Straits Garden Seafood restaurant for dinner and the seafoods we had there were sooo fresh... we had alot of seafood (Crabs...Oysters...Prawn... n more) but i dint have chance to take down the pics ... we were all too hungry... once the food is served... we dig in so.. no time for pics at all... haha!

The bar corner in the restaurant.. was attracted by the blue lightings... cooling effect cos its so hot outside...

Xmas decorations at the restaurant~

We then spent a nite over at Tune Hotel.. very nice n cosy hotel.. pictures and address of the hotel will be provided below... the rooms of the hotel are not big but the designs were great... i love the prints they have on the wall of each room... and they are famous to have super comfy bed.. and the most interesting part of this hotel is.. u can choose whether u wan to watch tv, aircon, hairdryer and stuffs and these services were all charged accordingly.. meaning if u wan a really cheap one nite stay... u can opt for no tv, no hairdryer and internet or watever... u only pay for wat u use...which i think its quite reasonable.. haha~

Our room.. view of one bed... before i destroy the nice settings...
Love this side table too... i wana bring it home~

huge piece of mirror on top of the bed... special...

Love the prints on the wall... camwhored...
Winwin on the comfy bed...

Address of the hotel : Tune Hotels - Danga Bay, JohorLot PTB 22819, Jalan Skudai, Mukim Bandar Johor Bahru, 80200 Johor Bahru, Johor.

This hotel is located very near to the Seafood Restuarant that i have mentioned earlier and also quite near to Danga Beach... Most of the shops were closed when we went to danga beach as we were kinda late and it was drizzling ... so.. we missed out most of the events.. i believe it would be more fun in the afternoon... i saw shops selling kites there.. good place for kite flying...

We had alot of fun strolling at danga beach... nice cool weather.. with beautiful boats full of lightings... and a small funfair there... his sister and dragged my bf along to play bomber car.. i duno wat is it called but its jus a game where u drive the car n try to bang other cars... long time no play... but its so fun... cos both his sister n i gang up to bang my bf's car.... abt 1/2 hr of u chasing mi, mi chasing over ur car... its soooo tiring...

After a long day... we went back hotel to ZzzZz... but overall its a great place to relax urself especially after a long tedious work days... felt rejuvenated... :)

Visit this webby if u wana knoe more abt tune hotel: http://www.tunehotels.com/

Recommended for short getaway~ :) Hope u guys enjoy my post..

Oh and i have received my flat top kabuki brush from Sigma makeup.. soo soft... will show pics of it in my next post.. : )



Sunday, December 12, 2010

~ Winwin's 1st Bday Giveaway ~

Hey guys...

I am finally doing my 1st bday giveaway~ dec babies are the best!! haha... I have consolidated a number of items for this giveaway... i am not sure if u guys will like it but it jus came in mind n i got it... haha~

This will be a real simple giveaway.. all u have to do is to follow the rules stated below to win these awesome prizes...

My giveaway prizes...

Face masks - Dermal Pearl & Grape Essence Mask + Tomato Essence Mask + Lelan vital Whitening and firming mask~

Japanese brand nail polish

Liese Clear Cube Wax Fiver - No.05

Upper and Lower Falsies..

Swarovski Heart Love Pearl Necklace.. More details pls visit --> PrincessDiary

To enter this giveaway:

1. You must be my blog follower

2. Must be 18 to enter or have parent's permission if u r under.

3. Post a link of my giveaway on ur blog
(link of ur blog to be provided on comment box so that i can c~)

4. And YES! This giveaway is open to international bloggers.

For one entry simply say enter me and tell me what do u all like about xmas in the comment box below and include your email add so that i can contact u if u r the lucky winner...

For additional entry:

- Add me on twitter n include ur twitter account name in the comment box.

This giveaway starts from 13 Dec 2010 and ends at 28 Dec 2010 (My BDAY!) according to SG time.

Good luck everyone.. and have a nice week ahead....

Monday, December 6, 2010

~ Randoms ~

Hey dolls~

It has been a tedious week for me... travelling to Malaysia and the long car journey really drained mi out.. esp when i am sitting in the middle seat and cant even straighten my legs...

I will also be doing blog sales and reviews for a few items in my next blog and also thinking of having a bday giveaway. Will post the giveaway soon n pls kindly give some suggestions for my 1st giveaway~ Thanks!!!

Try to keep this post short as i am currently working~~ :x