Saturday, September 26, 2009

~ EOTD, Surprise again frm Fatty!! ~

Hey guys.. thanks for all the encouraging comments.. i will try my best to be happy winwin again~ haha~

I have got another surprises frm FATTY... a shockin one after the roses... he got mi a tiffany & co necklace... i love it soooo soooo sooo much x infinity to the power of infinity~ which is alot alot of love... Thanks u!! muacks.. Love u lot lot! alot alot!!!
Pics will be shown below... and i also took pics of my eye makeup today~ no inspirations on wat clr to i jus anyhow mix clr... so came out to be like tt~ hope u guys like it~ pls dun mind if i posted too much pic of mine.. well.. i am jus cam whoring~ haha.... with my new tiffany necklace n roses~ (Pics are for u fatty dear!)

My Tiffany Love notes Pendant n necklace~ (925 silver)

clr was slightly washed off by my hp cam~ n i am wearin falsies~

Cam whoring starts~

Hope u guys like it~ jus a little updates abt winwin~



Wednesday, September 23, 2009

~ WinWin's update & Lovely Swap with Parisky ~

Hey Guys... sorry that i haven been updating recently.. haha.. busy at work.. busy goin out... and not really in good mood recently... win win not happy~ hahha... but now.. i am back... slightly with smile on my face... thanks to fatty n my jie feli and queenie who are always there for mi when i need them~ Oh.. and i had a swap with parisky and i got my 1st love package... so happy~ so animore comin next?

~ Swap with Parisky ~

She is so nice~~ the package includes Sweets & treats, Bath salts & Soup, MAx Factor Mascara, Peel off Face mask, mirror comb and a nice post card form her~ But i have no bath tub to use the bath salts :( and i cant understand a word on the label.. haha.. cos its not eng.. so i jus assume its bath salts.. am i rite?

Happy.. i haven tried the mascara yet.. cos i wan to finish using mine 1st but i am so tempted to use it now.. she got mi black waterproof one... which suits mi the best since i am a cry baby n ani time ani place ... happy or sad... i might cry~ hhahaa~~

~ Lovely surprise from Fatty ~

I received lovely beautiful roses for Fatty~ A very big surprise.. n i love it.. thanks fatty for tryin so hard to make mi happy.. and always there for mi... muacks... u r so so good to mi... muacks x infinity to the power of infinity~ Love u lots~~

Thats abt all of my updates.. and i think i owe some tags too.. but i will get it done as soon as possible~ :)


Thursday, September 10, 2009

~ 6 things that make me happy - tagged by Swatchcrazee ~

hello babes... i was tagged by Swatchcrazee a while ago... finally responding to this tag.. sorry pretty.. i took so long~~ haha...

okie.. lets begin...


1. Being loved by pple... the most important pples in my life... who knoes mi.. understands mi ... with them around me.. is the most fortunate thing !!

2. Shopping... haha.. shop for cosmetics... clothes... bags... shoes... shopping makes all gals happy!!

3. Being appreciated , feel happy when pple appreciates my kindness or concern for them... i feel pissed off when they take me for granted.. haha...

4. Blogging... cos i know more frens thru blogging.. although most of them are very far away from me.. but.. i get to know pple ard the world... happy~

5. My handmade accessories... i feel happy when pple appreciate the hardwork i put in all my handmade accessories and pple who bot it loves it.. thats one of my biggest achievement... thou i am lazy sometimes... ><

6. Going to aussie... cos i can be with fatty n queenie... n all my troubles n unhappiness vanished once they are with mi.. i am simply jus like a princess there... i love u guys.. muacks... planning to go visit u guys very soon... miss u like mad~~ haha...

thats all abt it~~ hhaa... now i am tagging...


~ Sept Mini Haul ~

Hey guys~ Happy Thursday!! happy for those who work 5 days or those who r still studying~~ cos... i need to work on sat~~ 1/2 day thou.. but its tiring enough!!!

Aniway.. posting up some items i bot this mth... its not even the middle of the mth!!! i must save money~ no more shopping!! which is hard i know.. well i will try at least~~ GAMBATTE!!!

Pics of the items i bot...

1. Etude Hse E/S in 705 (Grey - swatches below)
2. Etude Hse Mascara and eye make up remover
3. Was given some Etude hse samples.. (cotton the box.. n toner which leaks inside my bag >< )
4. Biotherm Vivo Range skincare testers.. ( Thanks Feli jiejie)
5. Bourjois Mini Mascara (Black)
6. Bourjois Mini E/S pigment (Reddish Brown)
7. Kose Seikisho Clear Cotton

The bourjois's mini range products are all soooo cute.. will eventually collect them all.. they still have rouge... lip gloss... and blusher i think... haha...

I have tried the ETUDE hse Mascara remover already.. its really good.. remove all SUPER waterproof eye make up so quick n easily~ and it has a nice smell.. considerably gentle to eyes... well some got into my eyes but it didnt hurt tt bad..

For all the testers... i haven got time to try them yet... will review if... i tried them.. .haha...

Swatches for the shadow ( Etude hse e/s in 705, Bourjois mini pigment & Bourjois mini pigment applied using damp brush~ )

As u can c frm the swatches.. sorry if its not clear... the grey e/s is gorgeous and the pigment is actually better to apply with damp brush... the clr is really nice... although it dun really look tt nice in the pic... but when i try it on my eyelid its not bad..

Hope u guys like it~~ jus something to share ~


Monday, September 7, 2009

~ New designs at PrincessDiary Accessories - Bearie Love Collection ~

Hey guys.. i am so sorry that i didnt post up anithing recently.. haha... was so busy .. sick.. busy... sick.. busy~~ well this is continuous~~ Anyway ... i will update u guys as soon as possible.. i still owe one tag and i didnt have time to do that.. but i promise i will do it soon~~ :)

I have created 2 new designs... main character... BEAR!! I found this Bear Charm randomly when shopping around and i tot i can make something out of it~ soooo...

This is the designs i came out with n i named it as -->


PB14 - Bearie Love Bracelet
Price : $12.90 SGD (Only one available at the moment)

PD84- Bearie Love Earrings
Price : $6.90 SGD (Only one available at the moment)

~ All Crystal used are genuine Swarovski Crystals ~

Hope u guys like it.. pls comment n also follow my accessories blog --> PrincessDiary Accessories

Will also do a post on the mini haul i get recently .. nuthin too interesting but jus wanted to show u guys.. thats if i have time to take pics~~