Monday, January 31, 2011

~Ask Me Anything On FormSpring~

hello guys... how did u guys spend ur weekend... for mine is pretty much shopping for CNY goodies.... went to Chinatown... n it was raining so heavily... but i have no choice... needa buy the goodies for my hse.. so... BF n i went shopping in the rain~ haha~ but its actually quite.. fun! Everyone out there was shouting to promote their stalls. haha... n i got free tasting everytime i pass by the stalls... they will jus give mi sweets, puddings even mushrooms to try... haha~

ok jus a short update... i got Formspring already... so ask mi anything!! haha~ follow mi on formspring guys~ >>

Here, i would also like to wish everyone who celebrates Chinese Lunar New Year a Happy CNY and may all the luck follow u guys~ Enjoy this traditional season to the max... cos... we gonna be working hard before the next public holiday comes...

More reviews will be coming up soon... eg... My ❤❤❤ Hada Labo products and some sponsored products. Sooo....Stay tuned... ok?


Thursday, January 27, 2011

~My Secret Love Affair = Make U Pretty~

Hey Guys... Its finally friday~ ❤❤❤ Weekend!! haha~ time to sit back n relax abit.. do some browsing on net... blogging... and here i am introducing a make u pretty blog called MySecretLoveAffair by my lovely ex-housemate Debbie and her sister Jessica... Why did i categorised this blog as make u pretty blog? Becoz... they carry lotsa nice clothings and accessories. I am really impressed by their blog and also... i appreciate the humbleness and effort they put in... They actually have the clothes they are selling... on themselves and took pics.. which gives a better pic for people who wans to buy and for them to have a overlook of how will it look like when worn rather than jus pics. So! They did all the modelling themselves and pretty much turned out well... :)

Some pictures of the clothes that i am absolutely in ❤ with... taken from their blog...

Christina Tube Dress - Blue (Available in Denim Blue & BLack)

✿ Love this dress...looks so chic and adorable in blue and Elegant and Sophisticated in Black... Great for parties and dinners~

Yasmin Lace Dress - Black (Available in Black & White)

✿ Gosh! I am in ❤ with this lace dress... super nice design and esp the zip up design... add abit of uniqueness to the lace dress! ❤ it in White too!!! Super love lace dresses! Must buy √√√√√

Nicole Lace Singlet - Gray (Available in Gray & Purple)

✿ Laced back Singlet...which made plain singlets sexier... and i love love love the grey one! So easy to match.... with shorts/mini skirts or even jus leggings....

Some Accessories that they have! (Falling in ❤ with their blog!)

Angela Polka-Dot Hair Bow (Available in Grey/Pink/Red)

Lena Rose Earrings (Comes with matching ring)

Bella Bow Earrings

They even started a youtube channel for their updates and of cos show u the awesome pieces they have on their blog... Do follow their youtube channel too --> MySecretLoveAffair1

These 2 gals are super cute... on youtube... they had a video introducing their blog... so .. watch it... n i believe more to come! :) And oh... i forgot to mention... they are from Australia (u can choose to pick up the item urself at Gold Coast) and they do international shipping too... View here for their shipping and delivery~

Hope u guys like the blog that i have recommended.... they are really nice and frenly gals and feel free to ask them if u have any enquires on their items... and more items will be posted up soon on their blog.... :) oh... follow their blog too!! :)

Again --> MySecretLoveAffair.Com



Monday, January 24, 2011

~Review: Make up Removers~

Hey guys... sorry abt my lack of posts... haha~ been lazy these feel days.. and i think i got eye infection.... having red rabbit eyes for days... not sure why... prob my lens? prob i am allergic to something... i am not sure yet... got to find out.... :(

Today i am going to review some of the makeup removers that i have tried out so far... still finding the best and most convenient one... haha.. i am lazy... Its real impt to remove ur makeup properly... this is the most basic step for a good skin... makeup residues are really harmful for ur skin... and most breakouts are caused by improper makeup removing... Ladies who love/have to make up~ PLEASE PLEASE remove makeup before u go to bed... for the sake of beautiful skin... :)

ღ Biore Makeup Remover for Eye & Lip

Claims on Packaging:

Biore micro cleansing formula removes eye & lip makeup quickly

✿ Thorough removal: Softens even heavily-layered waterproof mascara and thoroughly cleanses from root to tip and in-between lashes. Also removes eye makeup like gel, liquid eyeliner and glitter shadow

✿ Gentle on eyes & lashes: Reduces need for excessive, hard and repeated wiping around eyes.

- Dermatologically and Ophthalmologically tested
- Contains Hyaluronic Acid moisturising ingredients to keep skin around eyes moist
- Leaves no oily residues


1. Shake well, pour product onto cotton pad
2. Close eyelid and leave cotton pad on eyelid for 5 secs. Gently cleanse mascara downwards for root of eyelashes to tip
3. Cleanse mascara again upwards from root to tip of eyelashes
4. Fold cotton pad, cleanse lower eyelid and undereye area gently
5. Use another cotton pad for to cleanse your lip colour

My tots:

The colour of this product attracts me... its pink!! (ok i know no link to the use of this product)
It really cleanse my waterproof mascara thoroughly but i needa cleanse it like many times to totally remove all the eye makeup
③ Not as gentle as claimed on the product since i have slight stinging feel after removing my eye makeup (maybe i rubbed too hard?)
④ Acceptable pleasant smell

Overall rating: ❤❤

ღ Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets ღ

Claims on Packaging:

Contains smooth cleansing oil to remove stubborn makeup gently and effectively. Minimises need for repeated wiping on eye lashes. eye area and face.

✿ Handy and Convenient

✿ Does not contain alcohol

✿ Contains 10 sheets


1. Using clean hands, gently wipe off makeup with sheet until there is no trace of makeup on the sheet

2. To remove waterproof mascara, place sheet on closed eyes for 5 to 6 secs before wiping off.

My tots:

① Comes in handy while travelling.

② Removes waterproof makeup on eyes but need to clean a few times for thorough removal.

③ No irritation after wiping with cleansing sheets.

④ Suitable for sensitive skins as it does not contain alcohol.

⑤ I will still prefer using cleansing oil to remove waterproof eye makeup if situation allows.

Overall rating: ❤❤❤

ღ Dove Lathering Oil Makeup Remover ღ

Claims on Packaging:

✿ Lathering oil cleansing, where oil cleansing transforms into a fine lather and removes makeup with the same efficacy of an oil based makeup remover.

✿ Oil lather dissolved heavy mascara and removes make-up deep within pores.

✿ Can be used with wet hands and face.


1. Press the pump (abt 3 pumps) and place lather on hand

2. Spread over makeup and rinse.

3. Recommended to use with dry hands and face for heavy makeup

4. Cleanse face with facial foam

My tots:

① Feels amazing when oil based product lathers in foam

② Removes waterproof makeup but stings when product get into your eyes (pretty painful)

③ Product contains alcohol and fragrance (not suitable for sensitive skins)

④ Need to cleanse again with facial foam

Overall rating: ❤❤

ღ Kanebo Freshel White C Cleansing Oil ღ

Claims on Packaging:

✿ This cleansing oil enriched with olive oil, removes stubborn water-proof makeup and old keratin.

✿ It contains citrus peel extract and Japanese basil extract as plant-derived moisturising ingredients, gentle yet refreshes the skin.

✿ Fragrance-free and no artificial colouring.


1. Dispense appropriate amount (2 t0 3 pumps) onto dry palms, spread evenly on the entire face.

2. Massage gently with a few drops of water, allowing oil to emulsify and dissolve the makeup.

3. Rinse with lukewarm water

My tots:

① Cleanse waterproof makeup thorougly and gently.

② No irritations when product get into the eye.

③ Does not contain fragrance and artificial colouring (Love it!)

④ Can remove makeup while showering.

I prefer to cleanse with facial foam again to make sure that my face is really clean~ and i love this Kanebo Freshel Cleansing oil the most compared to the other makeup removers i have tried so far.

Overall rating: ❤❤❤❤

Super long post.. hand pain after so much of typing.. haha~ hope u guys like my review.. feel free to comment or ask any questions.


Monday, January 10, 2011

~Ichikami Hair Mask~

Hey Guys...

Do u all always put on hair mask to nourish ur hair? For mi.. i usually use hair mask as daily hair conditioner... due to my over damaged end... my hair ends splits like there is no tomorrow... i have no choice but to try out methods to save it... but i guess there is no solution to split ends other than chopping it off... which i really dun wanna do that...

I came across this Ichikami Hair Mask when i am sourcing for hair mask since i already finished my previous one... I am previously using the Essential Damage Care Rich Premier Intensive Hair mask.. this essential hair mask is not bad but i jus wanted to try a different one... so i tot rather than repurchasing the same hair i took the Ichikami Hair Mask... i have used the shampoo before n i love the scent of the shampoo... and the shampoo is not too bad... not drying but didnt really help in my split ends...

This product comes in a very simple yet pretty packing and with a lid on top... its easier and more convenient... than those normal hair mask when u need to twist open the cap...

Description of the product:

Ichikami hair care series with Rice Premium Ex (Yusuru essence, oil and proteim originate in rice bran) plus 6 kinds of pure japanese herbal essences which nourish, repair, strengthen and give a natural luster to ur hair.

Ichikami Hair Mask also contain Black Soybean and Black Rice Essences which make ur hair silky soft and healthier.

Direction of use:

1. Squeeze dry ur hair after washing with shampoo
2. Apply the hair mask on ur palm n spread it onto ur hair
3. Leave it for 1-2 mins (wrap ur hair with hot towel for better penetration of the product.
4. Rinse off thoroughly

What i like abt this product:
1. The texture of the product is so soft, silky and easy to spread all over my hair
2. The lid which allows mi to conveniently get the product out of the container.. no hassles..
3. I love love love the fruity wild sakura scents.. (it really smells good n lasted whole day)
4. It helps to calm down my spit ends and frizzy hair which makes it looks like its not so damaged.
5. Its not pricey.. affordable
6. The leave on time is rapid unlike other hair mask u need to put and wait for 10-15mins or more.

What i dun like abt this product:
1. It didnt give mi the super soft n silky feeling after rinsing off the product ( maybe i only used twice and my hair is beyond repair)
2. After drying my hair.. it didnt give mi a very smooth feeling.. like normal hair mask.. but it did make it looks better.

Overall: I really love love love the smell n i continue to use this product and do a better review after that.. i guess i will repurchase it cos i really love the scent of it... its still works well on my hair jus not much of the expected smoothness... but it dun get tangled up..

Hope u guys my simple review... n u can get this hair mask at Watson Stores.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

~WinWin Bday Celebration With Oppa Love~ (Photo Heavy)

hello guys... ok i know the post is overdue again.. but too mani pics here.. haha... *Warning: photo heavy and might make u guys hungry!!* My bday falls on Dec 28 and oppa decided to celebrate it for mi on Dec 27 so that he can spend the time with mi till 12am which is then Dec 28... but we ended up reaching home around 11.45pm cos my leg freaking hurts and i am super tired and hot... that nite was so warm in Sg.. isnt Dec supposed to be cooler ? but ya... it didnt... haha... so we both got so sweaty and sticky and the only thing i wana do is to go home bathe.. haha!!

We initially decided to go to one of the western food restuarant which i read the review from one of the food blogger... but u know wat? when we reached there.... then shop was closed~ and only closed for a day!! Why am i so suay? Why particularly on Dec 27??! i was so disappointed.... so.. we ended up eating at Japanese Restuarant : HANABI Restuarant & Sake Bar. Oppa once mentioned that this restuarant serves great food and since we are ard that area... we decided to walk in... Its a Ala Carte dinner buffet with tonnes of choices.... super nice n fresh sashimi!! And its at $33++ per pax... so total bill for 2 Pax is $77.68. Slightly pricy but for special occasions... its worth eating... BOth of us enjoyed the food so much... and i didnt regret my choice of coming to HANABI!! I WANA GO HANABI AGAIN!! SOONNN....

Hanabi Japanese Restuarant
331 North Bridge Road
Singapore 188720
#01-04 Odeon Tower
Tel: 6338 6626 (call for reservations)

Pics of the foods we had tt day... most of them YUMMY! and i can say the sashimi are absolutely fresh!!

Haha... i did missed out some of the photos... too excited with the food... and i forgot to snap it~ haha....

After eating we walked to Bugis Village to shop around and had KOI bubble tea... Super alot of pple Q-ing for the bubble tea... this KOI BBT is special in a way that u can request the sugar level of ur bbt... from 0% sugar to 100% sugar... and i choose the 25% sugar Bubble Milk Tea... i reckoned its not bad but... i guess i am used to bbt tt is sweeter... i am goin to try 50% sugar content next time...! Oppa tried the Plum Green Tea with 0% sugar... he likes it.. but i dun... weird.... too plumy for mi!! haha~

After KOI-ing... Oppa and i went to the beautiful bridge that links to Marina Bay Sands.... i love love love the helix design and the lightings of the bridge... n the niteview is awesome!! Good place for couples or group of frens to chill there... haa~

Hope u guys enjoyed my post... Stay happy! and feel free to comment!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

~Movie nite out with Christine~

Hey guys...

Doing a short post before i head to bed... went movie with Christine Dear today.... its was so rush... she texted mi around 6.10pm and said that she won a pair of movie tix... and ask if i could watch with her... i was like... ok... but wat time is the show starting... she said 7.15pm.. i was like huh?! OMG i got only an hr to wash up, make up and rush there... and this is crazy... haha.. but i was late at the end.... We watched Love And Other Drugs... starring Anne Hathaway & Jake Gyllenhaal... Its a romantic adult show i can say... many sexual scenes but its really quite touching... other than those XXX scenes~ hahaa!! The story is about Maggie (Anne Hathaway) who is suffering from 1st stage parkinson disease is afraid of being tied down in relationship but met Jamie (Jake Gyllenhaal) who have almost infallible charm with ladies and in the phamaceutical sales. The romantic part of this show is how true love can conquer everything... both fell in love with each other unknowingly and Jamie didnt mind that Maggie is a parkinson patient and is willing to take care of her.

Overall its a nice movie... haha... i will maybe rate it 3/5? Anne Hathaway is soooo gorgeous... i love her...

After the show... we went to macdonald's to have our late dinner... on the way there.. we saw BodyShop sales... so of cos i dragged her to check out if there is anithing worth getting... haha... shoppin is also killer for mi!! haha... End up we both got something similar... jus difference in flavours... haha~~

This is wat i got... starting from the left>>

1. Classic Rose Perfume - Very gentle rose fragrance which i love very much... gentle enough for mi to take it.. (i cant stand super strong perfumes).. gives me a feeling of sweet and feminine after applying it..

2. Rainforest Radiance Conditioner (for coloured hair) - have not tried it yet.. so cant really comment but it smells smoothing... like rainforest... i cant really describe the smell but its quite pleasant to mi..

3. Rainforest Shine Shampoo (For normal to dry hair) - haven tried it too.. haha.. but it belongs to the same range.. smells leafy... haha.. but nice too...

4. Papaya Shower Gel - Tried this before long long time ago... after bathing.. it leaves a super nice sweet papaya fragrance and smooth feeling... love it~

5. Strawberry Puree Body Lotion - i am not a big fan of body lotions cos i seldom apply.. but this one attracts me to try out... soo super sweet smell like burst of strawberries... and its pink... haha~ pink is another killer for mi!! so i got it~

For the Classic rose perfume i got it for $14.90 SGD and item 2 - 5 at 4 for$10... great deal rite? haha~~

And i camwhored before removing my makeup... too rush... didnt put on any foundation...


Hope u guys had a great day... and good nite~~


Monday, January 3, 2011

~Mini Haul in Dec 2010~

Dear all...

One more overdue post... i did a mini haul in Dec 2010 when i shop with my xingxing... haa~ actually we meet up because she needs to get xmas pressies for gift exchange with her frens... and i am the only one not working at the moment... and is free for her... so i offered to accompany her.... i got a couple of items... i think i left out one or two items... without pics... but i will post it up in my other posts.. haha...

We went to orchard to hunt for her pressies... its so hard when u need to get things which are nice and with low budget... so... it took us awhile in collecting all the 6 gifts... while choosing her pressies.... i chosed mine too... she made mi spend money~~ :( haha~~

I got this 2 pairs of shoes for $29.90 from The Little Things She Needs located at ION Orchard #B3-52.. go check it out if u r interested... the shoes there are not too bad... haha... frens who knoes mi well will knoe that i am a super fan of stuffs with ribbons.... ribbon is a killer to mi!!! haha~~ i have already tried on these shoes... so far they seems nice... not very painful for ist time wear... i guess i will repurchase it when they are worn out... haha~~

Rating: 4/5

i also got this Rilakkuma pouch in Watsons... I am never leave Watsons empty handed... why??!! hhaha... but i love to shop in Watsons... initially i wanted to get this pouch as a cosmetics pouch which i can bring while travelling... end up after looking at the storage capacity inside... i decided to use it to store my skincare products... (which were already filled into smaller containers for travelling purpose) and bot another blue next day for my cosmetics... so ... i have 2 pouch with same designs but different colour... haha... i think i got these pouches each for only $3.95 SGD from Watsons... and its so handy and cute~


This is the pink one... and below are pics of stuff that i put in~

i think thats abt all the things i bot that day.. another one thing i bot is a bag organiser... its someting like another smaller bag with alot of pockets... good for those bags that have no compartments.... it helps u find ur stuff easier rather than takin a long time trying to dig ur keys or hp.... haha~

Oh i got this cute hello kitty biscuit from Christine dear too.... Super cute hello kitty container with 4 packets of biscuits inside.... 4 different flavour biscuits inside... haha! super love it... but i am not sure wat will i put in this long hello kitty container after finishing the biscuits... haha~~

Ps: i love my eeyores... :D

3rd post of the nite... hope u guys enjoyed reading... more to come... haha~~