Tuesday, January 12, 2010

~ WinWin's Bday on Dec 28 2009 ~

Hey Guys,

haha... i know this post is abit.. late... but i jus wana update u guys abt it... wanted to blog on that day but didnt have the mood to do so... last yrs bday was not so happy because i no longer receive Mr Fatty's pressie... but aniway.. happy thing is.. i stil have my close feli jiejie and my babes to celebrate for mi (christine, renee, yanping & piggy) n of cos... papa n queenie love frm hk~ i receive pressies frm my colleagues too... so happy tt they rem my bday~

Pressie tt i have received:

1. Kose White Mask ( frm zhenzhen)
2. Esprique Precious Illuminate Fantasy Collection ( from LJ)
3. MAc paint pot in Fresco Rose (frm christine)
4. MAc Brown shaper in Malt/Auburn (Frm Renee, Yam n Piggy)
5. Iphone cases ( frm papa)
6. Totful handmade 2010 calender (frm queenie love)
7. Iphone 3Gs in White (frm WinWin!!)

This Esprique Precious Illuminate Fantasy Collection includes a nail colour, face colour palette, glossy eye colour & Dress on Glossy Rouge~

haha.... love all these cosmetics.. n gifts.. n thanks all those who care n concern abt mi when i needed them~ muacks...

2010 wishlist: winwin wants.. happiness.. nxy cosmetics products and more anna sui~ mac cosmetics~

Take care guys~



Rita *Lala* said...

what nyx cosmetics are you keen to get?

♥~ WinWin ~♥ said...

Rita I miss u so much~ hmm anithing~ I like the round lippy the trio e/s jus everything~ cos hard to get frm sg n it's over priced~ hee~

Rita *Lala* said...

aww you are so lovely! actually I missed you too!! :) But I'm glad you are ok:)
it happens that maybe I can make your wish came true hehe... can you send me an email with your address, please? my email is ritamlemos@gmail.com

♥~ WinWin ~♥ said...

haha... rita.. i sent to ur email already.. ya i am ok... getting over everything soon! to be happy i wished~~ Miss ya~ keep in touch~


kalai said...

great presents! your friends know you well:p i wish my friends buy my makeup and skin care stuff^^~

aa.. i wanted to esprique xmas set.its so pretty~~ esp the face colour palette~

sorry to hear about you having a tough time~~ let's be happy this year ok?:p xx take care xx