Sunday, August 15, 2010

~ Review on Loreal Renewal Lash Serum & Random Stuffs ~

Hey babes....

I haven been updating my blog for like so long n i am so glad that i am not forgotten... miss u guys... i bot this Loreal's Renewal Lash Serum when i was randomly loitoring in one of the drugstores after my IPL session.. haha... i saw reviews on taiwan beauty variety show (女人我最大), and they were all good reviews.. so i tot why not try it out.. since its on offer price... Have tried it for 4 days... the results are not so obvious yet... since its only 4 days..


Information on the description:

It states that u can get longer, stronger & fuller lashes in jus 28 days... haha... we will c after 28 days... will my lashes be longer... stronger... and fuller... haha... it contains ingredients like ARGININE & MADECASSOSIDE said to be able boost the beauty of eyelashes..

- Feeds lashes with nutrients --> longer and thicker lashes
- Works with Pro-peptides & Pro-vitamins B5 to nourish lashes --> Fuller &
healthier lashes

- Stimulates collegen synthesis which helps prolong lash lifespan --> limits
eyelash loss

I personally feel fine when its applied onto my lash... lesser lash loss when i am removing my super water proof mascara... the white gel didnt smell too bad still bearable... but try not to let the gel get into ur eyes... it stings abit... will update u guys if the results is better in 28 days.. haha...

oh ya.. i also bot Shu Uemura's eyelash glue since a few of my frens said tat its good... its not too bad.... haha~ i love the black tube packaging and its not hard to remove ur falsies at the end of the day... but i have only tried once so... not sure if its really that good... feedback to u guys after a few more tries... (i seldom put falsies) hahha~~


Hope u guys like the short n brief review and do comment if u have any~



~Lisa said...

I hope it works on the lashes!

Calia Yang said...

hey - gave you a blog award!