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Review - Sigma Beauty Brushes & Tools

Hello Pretties!!!

So excited!! I finally received my order from Sigma Beauty and today I am going to review on Sigma Beauty Brushes and their top seller product - Dry'n Shape. I have heard lots of raves about these brushes on blogs and youtube and of cos I checked out their blog because i cannot resist brushes!! I am such a brush FrEaK!! ok! Lets start from the very 1st product I have got from Sigma Beauty. I placed my 1st order quite awhile ago when they are having their black friday promo where shipping is free worldwide that day!! pretty awesome right? So i tot why not try their brushes.. so I started my collection with the Hollywood Glamour Flat Top Retractable Kabuki - Purple . It super cute and handy, most importantly its more hygiene compared to open brushes if you want to carry it in your makeup bag.

The parcel did not take too long to arrive and the packaging was amazing. It comes with an instruction manual of the product you purchase and also nicely packaged. Love it.

☆Pictures of my Lovely Kabuki!☆

Hollywood Glamour Flat Top Retractable Kabuki - Purple

Original Price: $25
Now Selling at : $19 (Great Deal!!)

Look at how cute this brush is? and the bristles are super soft and dense which can give you a good coverage when u use it to apply your liquid foundation. Sorry about the dirty brush cos i have been using it alot almost everytime i apply my liquid foundation... alternating with the F80 - Flat Top Kabuki which i also owned. Both of them have pretty much the same function but i will use the F80 when i am doing my makeup at home and bring the retractable one when i am travelling.

Now.. Lets move on to my recent purchase.. i missed this years black friday promo.. was so sad about it.. due to overwhelm Sigma fans.. i couldnt get into the website and i gave up!! BUT still i so wanted to try the highly raved product Dry'n Shape and eventually i still got it despite i missed the annual awesome promo...

I finally got my Dry'n Shape last week which i have been waiting and waiting for it to arrive so that i can do a review on my Sigma collections...

This Dry'n Shape is a very interesting system where it is designed to completely dry your brushes within 4 to 6 hours and at the same time helps to shape it back. Perfectly good for dense brushes which take ages to dry after cleaning. The Dry'n Shape looks like brush rolls with slots for brushes of different sizes. It provide pressure to bristles to remove water from every fibre at the shorest time. The special fabric used to shape the bristles was designed to accelerate water evaporation which shorten the drying time. I have tried it on my brushes immediately after i receive my Dry'n Shape.

☆Steps on how i wash my brushes☆

1. Pour a small amount of MAC brush cleanser into a small container.

2. Dip dirty brush into the cleanser and swirl it until the brush is cleaned.

3. Gently press the bristles to remove excess water/cleanser, slightly dap dry with a clean towel.

4. Place the damp brushes in the Dry'n Shape using the smallest band the brush can fit in (this is to ensure that your brush bristles can be hold firmly and it also helps in reshaping your brush).

5. Turn the Dry'n Shape upside down ( to prevent the water to backflow to the handle) and leave it to dry for 4-6 hrs and we r done!!

☆After Drying☆

F80 - Flat Top Kabuki - Price: $18

All the brushes are dry within 6 hrs and looks just like new ones. I am really impressed with the speed of drying and the ability to reshape the brushes to almost like brand new. The only down side of this Dry'n Shape is they are not suitable for smaller brushes like eyeshadow brushes, the smallest slot is still too big for my eyeshadow brushes.. but i guess it does not affect how much i love it since small brushes do not take long time to dry so normal drying would be sufficient enough...

Overall : I love all the Sigma Beauty products that I have purchased and will would like to try more of their collections!!

❤My bday Sigma Wishlist❤

1. Mrs. Bunny Blue Travel Kit

2. The Cities - Tokyo

So please do check out Sigma Beauty's product if you haven already. They also sell all sorts of individual brushes for new makeup users and different sets of brushes catered for your needs.

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Lastly, i would like to wish everyone a Merry Xmas. More reviews and youtube tutorial will be coming up. Stay tune.. i will try my best to find time to blog... :)

Love, Win Win

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