Sunday, July 21, 2013

Epiderme Review - 1st Impression

Hello guys, I was contacted by Epiderme Cosmeceutical Sdn Bhd to try and review their product. Thanks Hannah for inviting me as part of their blogging community and a chance to try their products.

Before I start showing the products that I was sent, let me give you guys a little background of this company.

EPIDERME is a revolutionary skincare brand developed and manufactured in USA by a reputable R&D team which practices Science-based Aesthetic Medicine. Using the latest scientific research and pharmaceutical quality ingredients, develops innovative products by utilizing the latest and most effective in scientific ‘green’, organic, safe and natural ingredients and technologies in order to achieve the best formulary combination that fits EPIDERME’s philosophy. Most importantly, all EPIDERME products are Paraben-free (Paraben-free, me likey J)

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This company claims that their expert in anti-aging solutions (young ladies out there, our skin starts to age by the age of 20. Anti-aging products are preventative measures~)

I was given product based on my skin condition and age (ahem~ sensitive!) to ensure products are suitable for you. For those who are wondering, I have super dry skin, slight oily t-zone. Quite serious dark circles (Singapore have panda now, they came to visit me!!!) and slight scars pigmentation. Oh ya, I have pores issue around my nose too. Seems very serious huh?! ˇ︿ˇ

A golden liquid gel that effectively brightens and moisturizes the skin while cleanses and leave skin clean, refreshed and velvety soft.

The brighten up cleanser has a mild aroma, not able to define what kinda aroma but it has slight of gingery smell which is quite pleasant. This product does not lather up into thick foam hence it is pretty gentle on skin to my opinion. After washing, my face is really velvety soft and smooth. It did slightly brighten the skin but not sure if it can last. No tight feeling at all. LIKEY!

Perfect daily exfoliation gel is formulated using pineapple extract and witch hazel extract to help reduce dark spots and minimize wrinkles.

This yellow exfoliating gel is quite gentle and small particles appear after massaging into clean washed face. It helps to remove dead skin cells from skin and allows skin care products to absorb better after that. Have not seen significant results yet since I have just used once.  

By its unique BioE-Cell, it dissolves blackhead/whitehead and pesky blemishes while promoting healthy cell renewal. Accelerate the metabolism to improve the skin texture and repair weaken dark spots to become glowing and bring the skin color evenly.

❥ I was given full size product for this serum. It is a clear liquid and when applied to skin, I felt a slight warm sensation. Not too sure is it the product nature or is it just me but it did not give me any discomfort feeling. This product is slightly oily since its a serum but it absorbs into skin quite fast. Not sticky at all. According to the recommendation.

It stated apply twice daily, morning and evening on blackhead/whitehead area but the instruction behind the product states to apply onto clean skin and allow it to absorb. Suitable for oily skin (but I am dry skin??). I have used twice now and applied to whole face focusing on the nose and chin area.

I have noticed my t-zone is less oily after I applied on make-up. Will continue to use and update you guys. So far, I like the product. 

Advanced Aqua Gel is a highly moist gel which repair and increase collagen production all at the same time. Formulated using Q10, it fights free radicals and improves the look of wrinkles. Advance Aqua Gel also improve skin elasticity and tightness to have more delicate texture with tenderness

Totally in love with this Aqua Gel!! It made my skin so smooth after applying and it has a very subtle fragrance which I like. The peachy gel texture is very light on skin and absorbs very well. So far so good in keeping the moistness in skin. Will update you guys more after using for a longer period (hope this little sample size can last enough to see real results).

This product is the answer to your eye puffiness (eye bag) and dark circles. The Eyeseryl ™ content will remarkably reinforce the reduction of inflammation beneath the eyes and quickly decrease the eye puffiness. The Haloxyl™ firm and tone up the delicate under eye area and prevents fine lines formation thus keeps the youthfulness within yourself. In just two weeks this serum will noticeably reduces eye puffiness without any irritation.

A little goes a long way for this product. It is light amber in colour and to my opinion, this product is slightly sticky. Even after massaging the product into skin, it still leaves a slight sticky feel. I would recommend using it at night. Have not seen drastic difference on my eye bags and dark circles yet and will update more on this product. It claims that it can improve under eye puffiness within 15 days. Hope this sample size can last for at least 15 days. Haha!

Overall, I like the products sent to me so far not very much on the eye bag reducer as I do not fancy products that will leave even slight tackiness. Haha but if the product works miracle then I can endure (ok!! GIRLS~~~)

☆☆ Disclaimer: The items above sent to me for my consideration and reviews are based on personal and honest opinion. 

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