Sunday, May 18, 2014

❤ Yoki Baby get groomed at A Dog’s Life Pet Salon ❤

Hello its time again to groom my precious Yoki~ we have received an invitation from A Dogs Life Pet Salon a while ago and I thought why not. The pet grooming salon newly opened located at 32 Eng Hoon Street Singapore 169780.  It is actually located quite near my place. So I took up the invitation and head down to the pet salon.

The place is not very hard to find but it would be more convenient if you are driving or taking a cab. The 1st thing that caught my eyes was the doggie wall papers… sooo cute.  I actually went to the pet salon twice for yoki grooming. The 1st time when I was there, they are not fully set up yet. So I decided to bring yoki back for grooming again and at the same time to take a look.

Look at the dog parking area they had, isn’t it so cute? Owners can come and feel free to park their dogs there.  Very good idea I reckoned if owners need to go get something where their furkid can’t tag along. This comes in handy.

I made Yoki sit down in front of the wall papers to pose… soo cute. But she was just t0o shy (ahem!!)….

We meet Chris and Mo (the groomer) during our 1st visit and Maisy during the 2nd visit. They were all so friendly and loves to play with Yoki.  Chris gave Yoki a basic check on her fur, skin, and ears to see if she had any kind of infection before the grooming.  Luckily all good haha I was impressed how much they took care of the furkids that were sent over for grooming.

Then.. Mo the groomer came out and check with me on the kind of hairstyle I would like on Yoki, I told him to follow his idea as long as Yoki turns out to be cute n pretty. The only part I asked them keep is Yokis renowned Dumbo Ears

Yoki was given a nice bath and blown dry then proceed to the grooming table.. Chris cleaning Yokis ears and Mo proceed with the snapping~

We have two cute doggies looking at Mo and Yoki.

They also sell a range of spa products there and I love the lavender soap bar smell so nice omggg!!!

And this is the overall price chart for you furkids at different sizes. They do offer adhoc service like express nail clipping, express oral care and etc... Visit their website and check out the packages they have here!! 

Handmade designer dog collars will also be available in June... I love the terrier one and also the pink collar!! 

Look at Yoki after grooming isnt she pretty?? Aww The 1st grooming and the 2nd grooming pictures as below:

Overall, I had a great experience with them and will continue to send Yoki there for grooming

Add their Facebook and Instagram (adogslife4sg) from more updates on upcoming promotions.


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