Sunday, May 24, 2009

~ PrincessDiary New Collection ~

Hey guys, i am very new to blogspot so if i made any mistakes pls pardon mi.. ok? haha.. rather than slacking away my whole sunday at home waiting for mushrooms to grow on my head...i suddenly tot of making accessories.. the inspiration jus.. pop out frm no where.. maybe i am jus too bored! I dun even rem how long ago was the last time i made accessories.. erm.. maybe... more than 6 mths or even longer? i SERIOUSLY dun rem.. haha.. i am so sorry for those who waited for new designs.. i am jus toooooo L A Z Y !! Anyway.. these are the accessories i have made today and those who r interested kindly email mi at

Adorable Pink Earrings

Glam Blue GoldStone Earrings

Pink "T" & Pants Earrings

I Heart U Earrings

Season of Love Earrings

My Angel Hp Strap

With ♥

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