Tuesday, February 15, 2011

~ Happy Chinese New Year ~

Hey Guys...

Sorry for lack of blogging... getting lazier after chinese new year... Wish u guys a very happy new year! Gong Xi Fa Cai and get more red packets!! Haha.. i didnt get as much since i didnt visit alot of places.. but its better than last year already.. This year i went to my bf's hometown... so travelled in msia... quite tedious due to the long car journey and with 4 adults squeezing at the back seat isnt really comfortable.. but i did enjoyed the short vacation... so much fun... :)

We started from Singapore → Kluang → Ipoh → Penang → Hap Chai (Thailand) → Ipoh → KL → Kluang!!!

Long Journey rite? but so fun to travel so many places in such a short time... like 4-5 days i think.

Didnt take much pics as we r always travelling and on the 1st day to Penang, I suffered from Gastric Flu and is super unbearable... no mood... but luckily my bf's papa got mi some medicine from drugstores.. Thank u bf's papa!!!

Chinese New Year Nail Art (Done by myself)
Outfit for 1st day of CNY feat baby Kaizhe

Both of us looking at the fallen red packet..❤❤

Isnt Jr Kai Zhe too cute to resist? My cutest newphew... :) Love him so much~~❤

Dog at Oppa's relative hse... she is sooo cute!

A Mini Haul before CNY at Sephora (Pressie from Oppa for our Monthsary)

✿Swatch for the nail polish No.M09 (the CNY nails that i did above)

✿ Urban Decay Primer Potion in SIN → Slightly Shimmery and really prevent creasing and make the eyeshadow colour stays longer and more vibrant. ❤ it too much!!

Jill Stuart Blush Blossom in o1 - Romantic Sweet Pea (Thanks oppa's sis for the gift frm tw)

✿ Dual Cheek colour in powder form

✿ Comes with a super cute blush brush and super cute packaging

✿ The bright pink colour on the right is quite pigmented... a little is enough... colour is super sweet..

I ❤ my 1st JS Blush to the max... the packaging is jus toooo princessy to resist!!

K Palette 24 hrs waterproof Liquid Eyeliner (Pressie from my Dear Christine)

✿ 24 hrs long lasting and Waterproof stated on the packaging (not as waterproof as it is but the liner can last pretty long unless u rub ur eyes and u may smudge it)

✿ Really fine tip.. but the flow of black liner "ink" is slow.

✿ Havent tried the free eyelashes but should be fine.

✿ Repurchase? No.. i will try other brands instead to compare with this one..

Dinner at Hanabi Japanese Restuarant (Review Click → HERE!!)

Hope u guys enjoyed the post... feel free to comment or ask me anything at winwin00

More posts coming along including reviews...

Take Care xoxo




jfook said...

Owhhhh you look stunning! =D

~Lisa said...

Great pictures!!

I love the one when both you and your nephew looked down. So cute!

And I cannot wait to see your reviews! I'm super interested about the eyeliner!! I'm looking for a nice, waterproof, smudgeproof and easy to use eyeliner

Isaac Tan said...

gong xi fa cai!, cute doggy.
And you look stunning in all the pics.


♥AdamAlexMommy♥ said...

you're really pretty, and love your blog! the look, the posts, everything... and totally enjoyed browsing. new follower--hoping we can stay connected. cheers!