Thursday, March 3, 2011

~Product Invitation Review - b•liv by Cellnique~

Hi guys...

I had a product review invitation from Selina. Selina is a very nice gal and she expressed her email in a polite way. I was engaged to be part of b•liv’s blogger community to review on their products.

According to my description of my skin conditions... i have large pores and black heads on my nose... not really very serious but it really bothers mi... other parts of my face are alrite jus my nose. I hate big pores. haha~ so in return, she sent mi 2 products that target mainly on large pores to try out.

1. Shrink and Tighten +
2. Shrink and Tighten
(Click on it to direct to their website)

She also provided mi with the guidelines on how to use the products.

✿Shrink and Tighten +✿

Main Functions :

1. Reduce Pores
2. Tightening
3. Brightening

This product contains L-ascorbic acid which is also known as vitamin C, Shrink and Tighten+ stimulates collagen production at night which helps tighten pores and regenerate nutrients for firmer and brighter skin complexion.

Product Overview

☆ Very comfortable warm sensation while applying this product for the 1st time.. i think its probably due the the concentration of L-ascorbic acid. With the mild tingling sensation it made mi feel like the product is actually working on my pores.

☆ Strong citrus smell but will disperse off very quickly

☆ Clear Yellow liquid


☆ Apply 2-3 drops over entire face at nite after cleansing


1. The warm and comfortable sensation

2. The packaging is so cute n unique

3. My pores are slightly smaller after a using for about 2 -4 weeks ( i think it will be better after long term use)

4. Really made my skin firmer when i wake up the next morning.

5. No break outs yet


1. The product can be a little expensive (but worth is if u dun mind the price)

2. Slightly oily after application ( but absorbs over the nite)

Overall: ❤❤❤❤

✿Shrink and Tighten✿

Main Functions:

1. Reduce Pores
2. Barrier Repairing

This product is filled with collagen, antioxidants and skin cells repairing properties which helps to seal pores, prevent future problems and to calm down skin irritation.

Product Overview

☆ Refreshing citrus scent

☆ Sightly cloudy white fluid

☆ Smooth and non sticky


1. Apply one pump (for my face) over the entire face after cleansing


1. The nice refreshing citrus smell

2. Non oily/sticky

3. Absorbs really quickly

4. Helps to keep my face matte throughout the day even with makeup on

5. Love the simple packaging that comes with a pump. (more hygienic)

6. No break outs yet


1. Product is a little too expensive

Overall: ❤❤❤❤❤

A pic of my before and after using these 2 products.
(Note: pics are taken at slightly different bad lightings and enlarged to c the pores)

Can c from the pic that my pores are slightly smaller... n i got serious blackhead problem.. and very dry skin... pic is also taken after cleansing.. haha~ sigh~

b•liv is being very kind as they are now offering free samples to of Shrink and Tighten 3ml to my 1st 50 readers on their facebook fanpage >>
b•liv Facebook

To get the free samples simply jus leave your email address by commenting on the post together with ur blog url.

This giveaway is valid only one week after my review post which is on 11th of March. Free samples are only for readers that have not receive any samples from b•liv.

Hope u guys like the review and will come out with more reviews n mini hauls.
(sorry for being a little lazy~)



deerest said...

I've tried B.LIV products!! They were okay :) I was interested in this but my skin is too dry to have any open pores 8(

I specially love their packaging though!! But their prices are crazy! 8(


Choiii said...

I would deff wanna try this out, but priceyyy. Because I have problems with my pores an blackheads as well :/