Saturday, April 23, 2011

~ Collective Haul from Hong Kong ~

Dear Beauties,

Has been a while since i last blogged... again.. lotsa excuses to my lack of blogging... new job.. busy busy busy... stressed stressed stressed... tired tired tired... so... i have no time n no energy to blog... my bad.. haha.. will try my best....

When to HK last week... for business training... after work = shopping time... spent time with my besties in HK too.. miss her super duper much.. and wana thank her for bring me to places that i wana shop.. and the cheap deals we got... and of cos.. the expensive meals.. her bf treated me... thou i am jus too tired to enjoy the big feast... haha~ but overall... i love u sis!!

Jus goin to show u wat have i got there... basically skincare products and cosmetics... of cos clothes too.. but not as much... will not be showing the clothes i have bought cos not sure how to take pics of it too.. .with mi wearing it? or.. jus the clothes... haa~ anyway it will be as per request.. no request.. i will treat it as u guys isnt tt interested in the clothes i have hauled there... haha~


*¤°•★ Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair Eye + Face *¤°•★

I always wanted to get good eye cream for myself and since many bloggers raves abt this product... i decided to give it a try.. i bot this at SG international airport.. haha.. and the mini bottle of Advance Night Repair Serum.. is too cute to resist.. haha.. i love to collect miniatures!!

*¤°•★ Borshese Advance Spa Lift for Eyes + Olay Total Effects *¤°•★

Have not really researched on Borghese before but again.. miniatures... too hard to resist... so wana try it out... if it can save my totally beyond salvage dark eye circle n eye bag! Olay Total Effects... jus always wanted to try out...cos i heard that its not bad.. feeling after using.. its actually jus ok.. maybe i should try it for a longer time... ?

*¤°•★ H&M Lip Balm + eos Lip Balm *¤°•★

H&M Lip Balm: Too cute to resist and it has a really nice peachie smell..
eos Lip Balm: Have not tried yet.. but i saw review on utubes.. have to try out!

*¤°•★ Shu Uemura Skin Purifying Oil Cleanser - Green Tea *¤°•★

Again wanted to try but its too x in SG... HK is actually cheaper by almost 1/2!! so of cos must get.. Took the Green Tea one which is more suitable for sensitive skin and have anti oxident effect.
After use: cleanse pretty well.. including water proof mascara... but need slightly longer time to remove stubborn waterproof makeup.. does not give irritation... nice acceptable green tea scent.. minimal oily feeling after wash.. pretty decent product..


*¤°•★ YSL Radiant Touch in 02 + Mini Estee & Clinque Lip Gloss*¤°•★

YSL RAdiant Touch: Too much reviews on this!! But too bad cant get it in SG.. since hk have! OF COS i have to get it!! Love it.. haven tried using.. but will try it out soon n let u guys know!!

Lip Glosses : Dun need to explain why i got them already right? (Too Cute to resist)

*¤°•★ Lavshuca Eye Shadow Palette in BR-1 *¤°•★

Super nice Neutral colour... will try this out soon.. !! Pretty pigmented when i swatch the sample there.. but not sure if it shows on the eye...

*¤°•★ Liners - Dolly Wink + Heroine Make + Koji *¤°•★

DollyWink: Another must get to try.. love love the packaging.. n of cos its cheaper in HK.
Heroine Make Black Waterproof eyeliner - my backup eyeliner.
Koji Brown pencil liner: also a backup!! haha~~

*¤°•★ Koji Falsies in 06 *¤°•★

Super cute and cheap.. bot 2 to try!!


*¤°•★ Facial Cotton Pads + Cute Pen + Earpiece + BLack Leggings*¤°•★

*¤°•★ Pink Ribbin Hair Clip + Marie Cat Lens Case *¤°•★

From the random stuffs i bot.. u guys can c how much i love pink.. haha!! Anyway.. HK is a super nice place to and shop!! SHOP TILL U DROP!!

Hope u guys like the collective haul i have shared.



~Lisa said...

Ahh, I always see people return from HK with sooo much goodies!!! ^_^

I haven't visited the place yet but I will totally go when I have money! Heheee, I could go now but don't want to put myself into debt >_<

Anonymous said...

i definitly luv your hhaul!! so much cute stuff. im looking into skin care products so im looking forward to your review!

kalai said...

aww i miss hk so much~~ i was meaning to go back this year but i've moved elsewhere in uk and got no money for hk holiday.. maybe next yr^^ i have to try shu uemura cleanser sometime.. so many people love it.. ive got the herione make eyeliner. not tried it yet though. what do you think of it?~ thanks for posting on my blog. i feel like i've missed so much in the blogging world. must keep a track from now^^ xx

Diana said...

Nice haul! I really like the Olay total effects. My skin actually felt a bit tighter after usage. :) I miss HK too. Can't wait to visit at the end of the year!

Ahleessa said...

The purse hanger is so cute, as well as, all the Asian products! :)

Anonymous said...

great haul! I do miss shopping in HK, a lot of Japanese stuff are actually cheaper there LOL!