Tuesday, June 7, 2011

~ My 1st Makeup Tutorial on YouTube ~

Hi Dearies~

Haven been updating my blog for a while.. dead busy~~!! I cannot believe how work can be so stress like mine!! This is freaking crazy!! I think my stress level already hit maximum... seriously frustrating!!! Anyway.. jus wana share with u guys.. my 1st makeup tutorial on youtube.. I recorded it TWICE..the lighting for 1st time is bad... 2nd time is ok~ cos i actually used my laptop camera instead of my camera.. cos i dun have a proper tripod stand for my cam... well will try to improve on filming skills... once i can figure the best place and lighting in order to make better videos for u guys..

This video is also specially dedicated to my blog fren Rina.. thanks her so much for the Physician Formula Happy Booster Blush and Face Powder... i love them so much.. and i am actually using them almost everyday!! Love it!!

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My youtube nick is : MissyWinWin

Hope u guys like it.. and feel free to comment!! I will definitely ans to ur questions!!




Priscilla said...

I love it!! =)

Iyah said...

aweee!! you look so gorgeous!! :D keep doing make up tutorials! :)

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ItsDomu said...

This was a really lovely video ^ ^