Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Crocs New You @ Vivo City Fashion Showcase 2012

Hey guys.. today I would like to share with you about the awesome event that I wen to last weekend. I was invited to attend the New Crocs New You Fashion Showcase @ Crocs VivoCity!! Super excited and lotsa bloggers were also invited to attend this event.

Beware!! Heavy Picture Post ahead!!

I was overwhelmed the moment I reached the Crocs outlet at Vivocity. The whole outlet was flooded (with people!!). Then I realised how popular Crocs is in Singapore.

Look at the crowd!! I cant even find a good place to station myself but I managed to squeeze in the shop to take some pictures.

New Crocs New You is a new collection with huge range of varieties to choose from but more designs for ladies I reckoned. This range focus on Walk in Comfort, Walk in Style. As we all know, the Crocs shoes are renowned for their comfort but now they have came out with more design to suit more outfits, isn't it GREAT?!
The 1st pair that caught my eyes!! HELLO KITTY!! Also available in pink I think.. Def collectible!

Nice striking orange sandals.. Suitable for Spring and the lovely beach~

Love Love Love this one!! But I end up choosing something more "formal" which will be shown later! (I might prob go back to get this pair someday!)

Perfect for everyday wear!! :)

This is super duper cute!!

WinWin with Winnie the pooh & Friends!!

The designs for men are also very versatile...

Cute Jibbitz to "beautify" your Crocs!

Took some pictures while waiting to go up for the Fashion Show.

Bloggers Group Photo - I looked so dumb! :(

OK! Now Lets move on to the New Crocs New You Fashion Show!!!

Awesome Stage - Full of colourful bulbs!!

Host of the Day - Mint :)

Mint with well known stylist Kovit!

Haha.. awesome rite? the models really make the Crocs shoes stand out alot more!!

Stay tune for more info on New Crocs New You Makeover Contest and the FREE pair of Crocs that I have chosen for myself!



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