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Review : NARUKO Narcissus Total Defence Range

Hello Everyone... Another review on skincare products for you all.. this time I am going to separate into different parts.. Part 1 - Starting with NARUKO Narcissus Total Defence Range products and Part 2 will be on NARUKO's Tea Tree Products and of cos Part 3 will be on the other NARUKU products that I have tried. However, I did not purchase the full range of products for each type.

Lets start with some background of NARUKO...

NARUKO skincare was developed by Nui Er, one of the Taiwanese Beauty Expertise (you will know who he is if u have watched the popular Taiwanese women beauty program "Nu Ren Wo Zui Da").

The NARUKO skin care products are designed to be not only affordable but they are also formulated with the most natural ingredients. NARUKO's skincare products are environmental friendly as they are not tested on animals. All NARUKO skincare products comes in an environmentally-friendly packaging. The boxes are designed to be simple and elegant on the outside but with beautiful floral prints inside. All boxes can be re-fold into little reusable box or containers. 

NARUKO skincare products are also free from artificial colouring and fragrance and also parabens.

Enough of the background of NARUKO. Lets move on to the 2 products that I own.

NARUKO Narcissus Total Defence - Make-up Removing Mousse

This product is a oil-based make-up remover that transform for liquid into foaming mousse instantly upon one pump. The rich foam rapidly dissolves dirt and makeup, and at the same time deep cleanses the pores. It contains narcissus bulb extract and the patented Phytoferulin complex that revitalizes the skin. The residue-free formula leaves the skin soft, smooth and clarified.

 After Use  
The mousse is very fine and lathers up pretty well. Its does not leave a oily feel after washing even though its claimed to be oil based... not dry either. It is capable to remove water proof face and eye makeup however, I recommend to use a separate eye makeup remover as this product stings when it accidentally gets into the eye. AND IT REALLY STING BIG TIME!! It has a very subtle smell to it, very flowery nice scent.

 How to Use  
1. Press about 3 pumps and massage onto the entire face.
2. Add water to emulsify and then rinse off.

This product is pretty decent to use and also affordable. Will definitely repurchase it when needed (trying out too many makeup removers). 4/5

NARUKO Narcissus Total Defence - Night Brightening Serum

This serum contains a unique skin brightener that provides advanced anti-aging ingredients which repair, restore and firm the complexion while you sleep. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The skin awakens with more radiance, glowing and  youthfulness.

 After Use  
Skin feels supple, soft and brightened up the next day and the results is pretty obvious. Not much effects seen on reducing of fine lines or maybe there is but just not very noticeable. However, it really helps in brighten up the skin and there is significant difference when u use and not use the product. Have the same flora scents as the Make-up Removing Mousse. The texture of it is not oily and can be easily absorbed into the skin. Not tacky or stickiness at all.

 How to Use  
1. Press 1 - 2 pumps and spread over the entire face (I usually massage in circular motions).
2. Go To Bed!!

Definitely will repurchase it. I feel it acts as a very good foundation serum in helping to restore the skin. Also seen the brightening effect of this product. I would not say that it will make you significant fairer but it will definitely helps in brighten up the complexion and make u look more radiant in the morning. 5/5 ★★

Disclaimer: These products reviewed are all purchased by my own money. Not sponsored.

Next Review: NARUKO's Tea Tree Products.

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Janet said...

awww, too bad the makeup remover stings. I am really diligent when it comes to makeup remover as I have a very sensitive eyes. Great reviews by the way! Thanks for sharing ^_^~

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Oh wow that's so cool that the makeup remover comes in a mousse form! I bet it's so fun removing your makeup

Are you getting married? If you are, congratulations! :)

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Congratulations on your engagement! I just figured it out since you mentioned on my post for your wedding makeup... hehe~ :)

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