Friday, September 13, 2013

Soak – Off Gel Nails Removal at Home – 1st Attempt ❤


As promised (ahem.. I am late though), here is my 1st attempt on removal gelish nail polish at home. If you guys are interested in how to apply soak of gel nails, feel free to refer to my previous post or you can just CLICK HERE!

To remove gelish nails, you need to prepare the followings:

Nail Polish Remover
Nail file
Cotton balls / pads
Wooden cuticle stick
Aluminium Foils (cut into smaller pieces, make sure its big enough to wrap your fingers)
Nail Buffer & Polish (optional, use if you want to restore the healthy looks of your nails)

Win Win “step by step” DIY Gelish Manicure Removal

1.  File your nails to destroy the surface of the gel nails (don’t ask me why but my manicurist does that, I think it make it easier to remove in the later steps)

2. Soak your cotton balls with nail polish remover (Acetone) and place it on the nail.

3. Wrap aluminium foil around finger.

 photo null_zpsb1079138.jpg

4. Complete step 1 to 3 for all 10 fingers.
5. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes.
6. Remove aluminium foils with cotton.
7. The gel nail polish should look like this and is slightly lifted up.

8. Scrap off the gel nail polish using wooden cuticle stick gently.

9. Remove excess gel polish with nail polish remover again if needed.
10. Buff and polish nails to restore healthy nails.
11. Apply cuticle oil / hand cream.

Simple as that… with these steps, you can apply and remove gelish nail polish yourself and save $$.
Hope you guys like it… enjoy beautifying your nails.

Lastly.... yoki baby says hellooooo~


Win Win

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