Saturday, October 19, 2013

❤Review : Milcolla Collagen Powder❤

Today’s topic is about COLLAGEN… Collagen plays a very important role is beauty and contributes skin care benefits. Collagen is the primary protein of the extracellular matrix and connective tissue which also is an important structural protein throughout the body.
As we grow older, collagen at our skin surface starts to deplete and the continuous loss of collagen contributes to saggy skin, fine lines, and wrinkles and so on. This is absolutely a no no to females out there, we definitely do not want to have fine lines and wrinkled face. Plumped skin gives a more youthful look. I must emphasize again, our skin starts to age at the age of 25 onwards, so preventive is better than to be sorry.
Since Collagen naturally declines with age, to restore the collagen in our body, we need to take in foods that are capable of helping the skin to maintain youthful collagen. Food that contains vitamin A such as carrot, spinach and melon (go google on food that contains Vitamin A and you will be able to find a lot).
However, a lot of us who is busy working have excuse like “no time to cook meals for ourselves” “No time to eat meals, so take fast food” this is where supplements can come in to make our life easier. I heard about this Suntory Milcolla Collagen Powder through Taiwan beauty variety show 女人我最大 and got curious over it. I reckoned it’s a great idea to add collagen powder to our daily drink or meals and we can maintain our body’s collagen content without hassles. The only hassle is you need to put the Collagen Powder into the drink or meal you are having. (Which will not take u more than 3 minutes!!)
I got mine off Q0010 from this seller - SENTOHEAL
Super fast delivery and nicely bubble wrapped. They do carry lots of other beauty supplements too. Which is all seems to be very attractive to me.. haha. You will be able to find a lot of sellers through Qoo10 who carries this product.

Suntory Milcolla Collagen Powder Information

Weight of product: 105g / Pack in powder form (approx. for 15 days)
Each spoonful of Suntory Milcolla contains:
5000mg collagen peptide for fast and easy absorption
120mg milk ceramide
50mg Vitamin C
10 million vegetable based lactic-acid bacilli
Only 25.3 calories
No artificial colouring or fragrances
Low Fat
Product Origin: Japan

 Win Win’s Tots 
I overall liked this product very much. It does not have the fishy taste or smell like some of the collagen product has which is a great plus to me. It does come with a spoon however it’s not the spoon that Suntory provides hence I am not too sure if its measures correctly.
I normally put it one spoonful into my milk tea daily and I have been consuming it for at least one week. (Remember not to put the Collagen powder to beverage that is too hot, as heat will destroy Vitamin C).
I have seen slight regain of skin suppleness and overall felt good. It also helps in girls who are suffering from constipation as it contains lactic-acid bacilli.  
I will certainly repurchase it and continue on the product. Highly recommend my new holy grail product to all my readers and friends.
** Disclaimer: The items above are purchased by my own money and reviews are based on personal opinion.

Hope you guys like my sharing.
Win Win


Afroditi Kat said...

Wonderful post!!Your blog is lovely!!!! Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin' ? xxx
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phyllis wong said...

Are you still consuming this product?

❤~ WinWin ~❤ said...

@Phyllis Wong - sorry for the late reply, erm.. on and off not very consistent. But i can say its a not bad product but need to take constantly to get noticeable results.


Serena Thomson said...

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Linda Brown said...

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