Monday, April 14, 2014

❤ Review : Sexy Look Micro Inject Face Mask (ALOE) ❤

Hey Hey my dear readers…. I have not been really able to update new blog post as I am super busy with my work. New project going on at work, last minute work request from bosses, customers etc, endless overtime, endless emails coming in at all time… Stress max.
Due to these work stress + bad working environment (manufacturing area with lotsa flour flying all over), it has caused a lot of issue on my skin. My face became super sensitive and acne prone. I do not have acne prone skin at all in the past but not sure why my skin condition got worsen. The worst thing in my life is… I think I have milia on my cheeks. They are little white harmless bumps that can develop on anyone (I am not going to elaborate what is milia, google and you guys will be able to find the definition of it).
I am now doing whatever to make sure my skin can get back normal and maybe do my research on how can I get rid of the milia and stubborn acne scars on my face.
Ok enough of my ranting about work and updates on my recent skin condition. I was actually invited by Secretive Pte Ltd to review on their face mask recently. They sent me 2 types of face mask after knowing my recent skin concerns and condition ( I told them I have super dry skin but slightly acne prone + want to lighten acne scarring - very complication condition!!!).
I will 1st review on one type of mask and the other one will be on a separate blog post. Can’t try too many at one time (haha... I still have one full drawer of mask saying hello to me).

The mask that I want to talk about today is the Micro Inject Face Mask. This is a mask that focuses on hydration on skin, giving skin optimum moisture. It contains Aloe Barbadenisis Leaf Juice and we all know that Aloe Vera is good and helps to moisturize skin. 

Micro Inject Mask Product Information
Eco Pure Invisible Mask Sheet - high density double invincible mask sheet with high adhesion power, enhances the absorption and penetration of essence
(Win win:  I fully agree on the high adhesion power, the mask is really think and almost not very visible when worn on face. You can continue with whatever you are doing with the mask on without worrying the mask will drop like normal sheet mask).
Aloe Vera Micro inject mask the functional essence is enriched with aloe vera and cucumber extracts for maximum skin hydration and smoothing. It helps to moisturize your skin for younger and healthier complexion with less visible fine lines. Reduces  skin dryness.  
(Win win:  It has a very nice aloe vera and cucumber scent when I 1st opened it. It has a very pleasant and smoothing scent. The aloe vera extracts can help in skin hydration and cucumber extracts can help to smooth skin. I left the mask on for about 20 minutes each time and after I remove the mask, I feel that my face is somehow brightened and looks slightly fairer. I will massage in the remaining essence on my face till it is fully absorbed and it is surprisingly not sticky at all. I don’t fancy masks or product that is tacky on face. So this is a plus for me).
Price: $3.50 Sgd per piece
Link to get the product: CLICK ME!!

 Win Win’s overall Tots 
I would definitely recommend this mask for purely hydration purpose even before makeup to achieve hydrated and glowing skin. Love the texture of the mask sheet as well, soft and thin and good adhesive to face. I can sit down and read magazine while waiting for the clock to click by that 20 mins.
P.S: Please ignore my unglam bare face (totally no filter).. haha.. I am trying hard to restore my skin condition and hopefully I can *sad face*
** Disclaimer: The items above are kindly sent to me for my honest reviews. All review  are based on personal opinion **

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