Sunday, June 29, 2014

❤Review: KLARITY Lasertox CC Miracle White Lotion ❤

Hello I am back for another review Before I start with the actual review, just give some updates to you guys I have recently found a job, didnt expect so soon but yeah I had like a 2 months rest after my previous super duper stressful cum tiring job.

My skin condition has improved, I think my acne breakout is due to the Shu Uemura cleansing oil (not that it is not a good cleansing oil, is just not suitable for my skin). After changing to cleansing milk, my skin condition has improved a lot. I also changed my skincare routine (more careful in choosing my skincare & makeup products) and of course with less stress now, it also helped on my skin condition.

Let me know if you guys are interested in my latest skincare routine and how I cleared up my sudden breakout.

Ok now back to the review on Klarity Lasertox CC Miracle White Lotion.  The PR from had contacted me and asked if I am interested in trying this CC Lotion, after reading on the product information that was sent to me, I took up the offer. Whats so good about this product that attracts me? Its because its PARABEN FREE and NON-COMEDOGENIC. After my sudden acne breakout around my cheeks, I became very caution when choosing skincare / makeup products. 

CC Lotion applied to left side of my face.

Klarity Lasertox CC Miracle White Lotion Product Information
What is lasertox? Lasertox is a functional treatment methodology that brings you targeted treatment to improve on specific concerns, by adopting the laser technology which reinforces efficient penetration of the natural beauty essences into skins dermis layer. Lasertox is researched by dermatologist in Korea with formula from France and Switzerland.
Lasertox CC Miracle White Lotion helps to restore beauty with at least on tone lighter whitening effect instantaneously. The lotion is enriched with diamond powder, giving instant glow after application. It is also enriched with wild rosehip extract, a powerful source of antioxidant that helps to prolong skin youthfulness. (winwins tot: After applying the cc lotion, it did brighten up my skin tone a little, refer to the 2nd picture with cc cream applied only to my left side of my face. PS: please ignore my dark circles..Horrible!!).
It contains SPF 30 / PA++ which helps to protect skin from harmful UV rays, preventing photo-aging and dark spots. The 11-in-one multi function CC lotion is light on skin and colorant free. It does not clog pores and leaves skin smoother and more moisturized without stickiness and oily shine. (winwins tot: The cc lotion did not cause my skin to breakout or clog my pores. Its not greasy at all and absorbs quite fast. However, its slightly dry on my skin).
The 11-in-one function includes: Whitening, Purify, Repair, Firming, Smooth, Soothe, Hydrate, Tone, Anti-aging, Sunscreen and Waterproof.
Price: $29 SGD for 30ml & $49 SGD for 100ml (winwins tot: quite affordable to my opinion)

Winwins Overall Tots
 I overall like this product, the only downside of it is, its slightly dry on my skin but I guess if skin is properly moisturized it shouldn't be a big problem. I will continue to use it and update more on this product.
The cc lotion has a really smooth texture; it does not contain colorant unlike the normal cc cream that will change colour when applied onto skin. I used it as a base to brighten and even out my skin tone then some concealer to cover my dark circles and blemishes and loose powder (refer to 3rd picture with my full makeup). 

** Disclaimer: The items above are kindly sent to me for my honest reviews. All reviews are based on my personal opinion **

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