Saturday, July 25, 2009

~ Coastal Scents Ultra Shimmery Palette, Whitia Mask, Hairstyle & makeup for the day~

Hey Guys.. have been super busy this week.. doin my handmade accessories blog, Stressed at work~~ and finally here comes SAT!! Why is there only one SAT in a week? why cant we have more weekends??!! S A D !!

Finally got my 88 palette for coastal scents.. bot on ebay.. collected today.. pics will be posted below.. too many clrs for swatches... but pls request if u guys wan swatches for any clr.. i bot.. the ultra shimmery one.. was actually deciding whether to get the original 88 palette or this ultra shimmery but i ended up choosing the ultra shimmery one.. cos i think i will like tt better... will get the original one when i have extra $$ n duno where to spend! haha~~

Also bot Silk Whita Whitening and Moisturing Mask from SASA. Comes in a box of 5 masks.

The mask contains highly permeable mini Hyaluronic Acid particles which instantly replenish moisture while the Vit C whitening factor penetrates into the skin promoting a radiant and hydrated appearance.

Ingredients: Sepi White MSH, Hyaluronic Acis, Collagen, Vit E, Vit C, N.M.F., Propylene Glycol, C.M.C., Methyl Paraben, DI water.

I have not tried the mask yet.. but will update when i try it.. the results should be fine i reckon since there are quite a number of good comments on these masks. haha~

Last but not least.. showing u guys my looks for the day~ sorry my hp camera is not tt good.. i wan to buy camera.... my sony T90 in Pink!!! working hard towards it~~ haha..

I am seriously in love with braiding my hair~~ its hard to take pic of my hair with hp cam.. -___________-'''

Top View

Back View

My makeup look~

Close up~

Trying hard to look down~


Make up used:

Face: - Anna Sui Liquid Foundation in P04
- Anna Sui Loose Powder
- Shishedo Blusher

Eyes: - Mac Concealer in NW20
- Loreal E/S stick in Grey (bot long ago)
- Bloom Pure mineral E/S in Moonstone
- Black shimmery E/S pigment ( outer V)
- Fasio Hyper-stay mascara
- Kate Gel eyeliner
- Majolica Neo Auto Liner in Bk911

Lips: Any Nudy clr n top up with Gloss~~

Hope u guys like it~~ My hp cam didnt capture the eyeshadow clr... :(
Anyway... Feel free to comment~ n dun forget to visit my accessories blog too~ Thanks~~




Tamara said...

Ah you got a cute look there!

I want the shimmery and normal palette too :). Then I wouldn't buy any more eyeshadows..!

♥~ WinWin ~♥ said...

yes.. thats wat i tot too... i have 88 clrs to choose.. then can use for a life time! haha.. but i dun think i can resist buying other E/S~~ :x

mszcheysser said...

:) Ooh. I always wanted the C/S 88 shimmer palette! Hope you're enjoying it well.

♥~ WinWin ~♥ said...

yea.. i haven start using it thou~ haha.. will try to create some new looks using that~~ excited~~ :)

Sherry said...

OMG, you look great hehe.. sometimes not here to visit


♥~ WinWin ~♥ said...

Thanks sherry~~ :)

Anonymous said...

how did you find the mask ? did it work for you ? lovely blog & post !

Alexandra Z. said...

Normal palette! ^_^


日月神教-任我行 said...