Saturday, July 11, 2009

~ Honest Scrap Tagged by Rita ~

Hey guys... i was tagged by Rita , my 1st tag as well... hmm... thinkin hard wat to confess.. haha.. being honest!! haha... erm.. must i list down 10? Tats so hard... but ya.. i will try too... ^_^

hope u guys know mi better after this... tag...............

1. I graduated from University of Queensland (Bachelor in Applied Science) last yr. It was a sudden decision to further my studies but i didnt regret it as i get to know so many nice pple ard the world.. some became my super close frens~

2. I treasure frenship alot.. dislike pple who take me for granted. I have many frens but only a few true frens... i shall mention their names... (Fatty, Queenie, Felicia, Christine, Ernest)

3. I am the only daughter and i have 2 bros... one elder n one younger... thou i am the only gal.. i was not the one they cared the most... traditional parents... guys r more impt... sob.. but still i can survive my way thru this 20 something years.. and i have mani pple who really dote on mi ... like my fatty, ernest, queenie n felicia~ i truely appreciate them~

4. I am considered quite tall for a gal.. 170.5cm.. haha.. and pretty slim.. i am aiming to put one slightly a bit more weight...

5. Due to my height, i have long legs... so i love wearing mini skirts, short dresses n shorts.. mostly above knee length. i seldom wear jeans...

6. I love my bangs... like anithing that is pink.. love makeup, skin care products... love shopping but... limited capital... haha.. love my LV neverfull~

7. i am working as a QC technician in a beverage company and i deal with raw material to finished product checks... including microbiology checking.. a job with big responsibilities but pretty much routine job~

8. i am a funni and extremely blur, clumsy gal... accident prone... got bruise all over without knowing where i have knocked myself onto... haha...

9. i am really grateful to those who helped mi, cared for me when i needed them... esp when i am in aussie... i love u guys.. I love u Queenie... n Fatty~ n Cookie~~

10. OMG, FINALLY I CAME TO THE LAST ONE WITH MY MIND TOTALLY BLANK!! ok.. i had a side line.. making handmade accessories.. it started initially as a past time hobby.. learning to make things for myself... but after some tots.. i think i could make it as my sideline.. so i started selling my handmade accessories online... the sales are ok but i have stopped for a period of time when i am in aussie... so i have to restart all over again now~ haha... goin to create a new blog for my accessories... meanwhile.. u can view my accessories at this link .. support me guys~ :)

phew... finished... and i will tag some pple who i wanted to know more abt them too...

Sassy Jadore
Cherry Colours
My Digital Rush
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Those who r tagged by me.. pls do take part in it... i really wished to know u guys better... haha..



kawaiikao said...

thanks for following! cute blog!

fuzkittie said...

Thanks for the tag Win Win! :]

♥~ WinWin ~♥ said...

welcome.. fuz u r so fast... haha~

eki said...

hi sweets thank you for the tag! but Ive already did one hehe and I dont have much interesting things about me >_<

that is so nice that you are tall! you should be a model with your long legs<3 :D

Anonymous said...

Thank you for tagging me, WinWin! Will do this asap! ;)

Sassy Jadore said...

Thanks for the tag sweetie. =)
Now I know a bit more about u. Thanks for sharing. =)

I'm not sure if I'm going to post this since I'm sort of a private person, so what I post on my blog is what I'm going to share on the net.

Rita *Lala* said...

oh you are tall! give me 3cm please :D :D

♥~ WinWin ~♥ said...

Rita: i gladly give u.. wat abt 5 cm?

Sassy: its fine.. its alrite if u dun follow the tag is jus ur choice~ :)

rhaindropz said...

wow.. ur sweet hun =)

Jian said...

Helloo Winwin~! You didn't actually tag me =P But it's interesting to know more about you! You are really tall! Well, taller than me. I am 165cm. I wish I was slightly taller actually, then I wouldn't look fat anymore! Wahahaha.

And do you think it'll work? I already complained about people in the gym smelling stinky and saying they needed to use deodorant, and she agreed =_____________=