Thursday, September 10, 2009

~ Sept Mini Haul ~

Hey guys~ Happy Thursday!! happy for those who work 5 days or those who r still studying~~ cos... i need to work on sat~~ 1/2 day thou.. but its tiring enough!!!

Aniway.. posting up some items i bot this mth... its not even the middle of the mth!!! i must save money~ no more shopping!! which is hard i know.. well i will try at least~~ GAMBATTE!!!

Pics of the items i bot...

1. Etude Hse E/S in 705 (Grey - swatches below)
2. Etude Hse Mascara and eye make up remover
3. Was given some Etude hse samples.. (cotton the box.. n toner which leaks inside my bag >< )
4. Biotherm Vivo Range skincare testers.. ( Thanks Feli jiejie)
5. Bourjois Mini Mascara (Black)
6. Bourjois Mini E/S pigment (Reddish Brown)
7. Kose Seikisho Clear Cotton

The bourjois's mini range products are all soooo cute.. will eventually collect them all.. they still have rouge... lip gloss... and blusher i think... haha...

I have tried the ETUDE hse Mascara remover already.. its really good.. remove all SUPER waterproof eye make up so quick n easily~ and it has a nice smell.. considerably gentle to eyes... well some got into my eyes but it didnt hurt tt bad..

For all the testers... i haven got time to try them yet... will review if... i tried them.. .haha...

Swatches for the shadow ( Etude hse e/s in 705, Bourjois mini pigment & Bourjois mini pigment applied using damp brush~ )

As u can c frm the swatches.. sorry if its not clear... the grey e/s is gorgeous and the pigment is actually better to apply with damp brush... the clr is really nice... although it dun really look tt nice in the pic... but when i try it on my eyelid its not bad..

Hope u guys like it~~ jus something to share ~