Monday, September 7, 2009

~ New designs at PrincessDiary Accessories - Bearie Love Collection ~

Hey guys.. i am so sorry that i didnt post up anithing recently.. haha... was so busy .. sick.. busy... sick.. busy~~ well this is continuous~~ Anyway ... i will update u guys as soon as possible.. i still owe one tag and i didnt have time to do that.. but i promise i will do it soon~~ :)

I have created 2 new designs... main character... BEAR!! I found this Bear Charm randomly when shopping around and i tot i can make something out of it~ soooo...

This is the designs i came out with n i named it as -->


PB14 - Bearie Love Bracelet
Price : $12.90 SGD (Only one available at the moment)

PD84- Bearie Love Earrings
Price : $6.90 SGD (Only one available at the moment)

~ All Crystal used are genuine Swarovski Crystals ~

Hope u guys like it.. pls comment n also follow my accessories blog --> PrincessDiary Accessories

Will also do a post on the mini haul i get recently .. nuthin too interesting but jus wanted to show u guys.. thats if i have time to take pics~~



Amanda K said...

Both designs look adorable!
Hope you feel better!

Rita *Lala* said...

oh i really like the bracelet! i forgot how much is the shipping to Portugal... i asked you when i was in Slovakia, and i was a bit busy and didn't pay much attention! sorry :S

♥~ WinWin ~♥ said...

Thanks amanda~~ Gettin well soon.. haha~~