Wednesday, September 23, 2009

~ WinWin's update & Lovely Swap with Parisky ~

Hey Guys... sorry that i haven been updating recently.. haha.. busy at work.. busy goin out... and not really in good mood recently... win win not happy~ hahha... but now.. i am back... slightly with smile on my face... thanks to fatty n my jie feli and queenie who are always there for mi when i need them~ Oh.. and i had a swap with parisky and i got my 1st love package... so happy~ so animore comin next?

~ Swap with Parisky ~

She is so nice~~ the package includes Sweets & treats, Bath salts & Soup, MAx Factor Mascara, Peel off Face mask, mirror comb and a nice post card form her~ But i have no bath tub to use the bath salts :( and i cant understand a word on the label.. haha.. cos its not eng.. so i jus assume its bath salts.. am i rite?

Happy.. i haven tried the mascara yet.. cos i wan to finish using mine 1st but i am so tempted to use it now.. she got mi black waterproof one... which suits mi the best since i am a cry baby n ani time ani place ... happy or sad... i might cry~ hhahaa~~

~ Lovely surprise from Fatty ~

I received lovely beautiful roses for Fatty~ A very big surprise.. n i love it.. thanks fatty for tryin so hard to make mi happy.. and always there for mi... muacks... u r so so good to mi... muacks x infinity to the power of infinity~ Love u lots~~

Thats abt all of my updates.. and i think i owe some tags too.. but i will get it done as soon as possible~ :)