Sunday, December 19, 2010

~ Dinner at Porn's Sexy Thai Food ~

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Toking abt thai food... i am not a fan of thai food cos its toooo hot and spicy for mi... but i chose this restuarant for dinner cos... the atmosphere looks good and my oppa loves spicy food... so wat to do... follow my love ones appetite.. haha~ Actually i have been told quite a no of times abt this restuarant... Its actually opened by one of the celebrities in Singapore... well he is from Thailand i think... but study in Singapore... or watsoever.. i am not sure abt the details but ya.. he is always appearing on tv shows and programme... so i guess most Singaporean knoes him.. haha...

This Porn's Sexy Thai Food is opened by Pornsak... i think this is how to spell his name.. i am sorry if i got it wrong... its located at 28 Liang Seah Street... nearest mrt will be bugis station. The serving of the food there is not very big... we chose most of the chef recommended dishes... and we are quite satisfied with the taste and everything...

Pricing.... abit x i guess... but still not unreasonably x... well if u think u dun mind spending a decent amt of money to try out the food there.. its definately recommended... and not all dishes are spicy.... my fave dish is the stir fried pork.. super nice.. n not spicy at all.. i finished most of it~ including the side veggies... cucumbers and lettuce.. haha~

Belows are pics of the dishes we order along with the prices~

Tom Yum Soup with Prawn - $10.90
Stir Fried Pork wih Gravy - $8.90
Stir Fried KangKong - $7.50
Green Mango Salad - $7.90
Thai Iced Tea - $3.90
The random elephant drawings on the wall...
We also ordered white rice to go along with our dishes... each white rice is $1... Total bill + 10% service charge = $41.10... Kinda pricey for 2 person but still worth a try!!
Go down n try it if u guys like thai food... recommended... :)


Anonymous said...

im soo hungry.. there is no food in my house.. and these looks sooo darn good. my stomach is talking to me..

♥~ WinWin ~♥ said...

bunny: haha.. poor u...quick go buy food~~ :)


_Sternwanderin said...

wow, this looks sooo delicious!
i love thai food!
and i love kangkong *.* ..... sooo long ago since i ate this the last time :-( you can hardly get it in germany :-(