Sunday, December 19, 2010

~ Random ~

Hi babes...

Haven been blogging for a few days.. was a little upset due to the little response to my bday giveaway.. but saw a few more entries made my day~ aniway... my followers.. pls join my ist bday giveaway.. prizes might not be super great but its all picked up by mi sincerely~ :)

My bday giveaway link --> Click me!

Ok... since its random bloggin now.. i will jus include watever i have left out blogging abt these few days.. haha~ ok talking abt the Sigma brush~ i got my Kabuki flat top retractable brush from Sigma Makeup and i absolutely love love love it... its so so soft n handy since its retractable.. u can always bring it aniwhere or even on travel.. u can also choose to load up powder on the brush before goin out... n save the trouble of bring ur loose powder whenever u needa touch up.. haha.. tts wat i will use for.. definately great for applying liquid foundation... i used it to apply my bb cream... since i am trying to cut down foundation... sorry to my anna sui liquid foundation.. i miss u sooo much~ haha~

I bot this brush on Black Friday offer.. when they have free shipping worldwide.. so.. why do i wana miss the chance... haha~ i love their service n the package came in decent bubble pack envelope and a nice red packaging... love it!!

~ Pictures of my Sigma brush ~

Nice purple clr brush.. it comes in other colours too... but for the flat top i think it only comes in purple... Miss Taylor... kabuki brush.. :)

Check out their website.. and i think they are having holiday promotion.. click the link given on top~ and purchase ur perferred brush too~

One OOTD and ist time using my kabuki brush to apply my bb cream~ i know its kinda blur.. hard to take a full pic of mine without my mirror~ haha~

Camwhoring with the scarf that my chagiya gave mi as farewell gift~
Winwin =P


Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Happy B-day! (late, I know)
I hope you celebrated it with your loved ones :))

You look so cute! <3

Don't be sad about the giveaway! A lot of people these days prefer spreading the word with twitter rather than posting a blog post. And to a lot of people even that seems too much work :/

♥~ WinWin ~♥ said...

babe..helena.. my bday is on Dec 28..not over yet...Thanks... :)

ya...twitter..oh i dun have ur twitter.. haa...

miss ya..:)

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Oh, great, than I'm not late :) I will wish you a happy b day on that day :))

I've seen that now you have twitter :)
Glad to have you back in the blogger space ;)

♥~ WinWin ~♥ said...

Helena: Thanks so much for being so supportive.. love u so much!! :) my bestie blogger fren!!
ok i will wait for ur wishes!! :)