Wednesday, December 22, 2010

~ Advance bday celebration with Christine Dear at Sushi Teh~

December has always been the most busiest and happiest mth of the year for me.. Why? cos its Xmas mth... bday mth... and NEW YEar.... I waited for 12 mths... for my bday .. well who dont? haha... aniway.. every year's dec i will have separate celebrations for my bday with different group of frens... like meeting this meeting that.. good to keep mi busy~ :)

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I had advance bday celebration with my dearest Christine babe... she always made my bday so special and sooo much unexpected suprise from her.. thou its jus a few hrs meet up... its always unforgettable for mi~ This yr as usual.. we met up for dinner... cos she is busy with work n bf... so usually we can only hang out in the evening on weekdays.. Knowing that i love love love jap food... she chose to dine at Sushi Teh~ We ordered alot... of salmon sushi.. i mean most of the dishes i ordered has salmon sashimi.. cos i love it... i think i finished the whole salmon salad all by myself.. cos she dun eat raw food... i ate all~~ she jus help to eat the veggies... oh.. i have to mention.. the wafuu dressing for my salmon salad is awesome... super duper delicious... taste heavenly GOOD!! if u guys are to dine in at Sushi Teh.. n u love Salmon Sashimi? u must must order this salad with wafuu dressing... best combi and the Salmon sashimi in Sushi Teh is soo fresh! Juicy~ Chewy... *drools*

My FAV Salmon Sashimi Salad w Wafuu Dressing~
Salmon Don

I forgot the name of this dish.. potato something~

We tried to make a heart shape~
Me with my Salmon Salad~ Wafuuuu~
Tryin to block the gal behind mi~

I was so so soo full and trying my best to finish all the rice for my salmon don... apparently i cant.. cos tooo full after eating the big whole plate of salmon salad... chawan mushi... i tot.. its ok to waste the little rice left... who knoes... she asked the waitress to clear the table and gosh... CAKE.... i am like ... omg how am i goin to finish the cake when i am so full... usually she will buy mi a slice of my fav strawberry shortcake... then i saw the waitress coming with 2 paper bags.. thinking again.. why are there 2 paper bags? so when Christine unload the stuffs from the paperbag... She bot 4 slices of strawberry shortcake from different cake shop... she is so sweet... ❤ her extremely.. thou its not an expensive surprise but its so sweet of her to spend time searching for different starwberry shortcake...
My strawberry shortcakes~
Me and my strawberry shortcake~

After negotiating... with her for very long... (fierce eye glances from the pple who are stil waiting for seats) haha... i jus need to eat one slice and take home 3... i think i will die if she ask mi to finish all ... super fulllll..... I love u Christine... She is one of my bestie.. that i can never live without... The amount of frens u have is not the most important factor.. the most important factor is they are always there when u needed them~

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Kim Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린 said...

I'm totally starvig now...thanks for sharing all those pics~~~ he2 i'm gonna eat my dinner now^^

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Hungry now :P

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Anonymous said...

Hello! Would you like to follow each others blogs? :) Happy New Year! >.<

Glo-w~* said...

I LOVE JAP FOOD! oh need to put some meat (not fat) on ur bones, I can see your acromion o.O"