Thursday, June 5, 2014

❤ Korean Haul 2014 – Etude House ❤

Hello hello!! I am back from my Korea trip (like for weeks but haven have time to share my hauls). I will be separating what I have hauled from Korea by brands and today we will look at what I have got from Etude House (my favourite place to go the price is reasonable and most of all the packaging is soo princessy totally my style!!).

I have got quite a number of items from Etude House, both skincare and makeup. I didnt dare to get too much random skincare compared to my last trip to Korea as I have mentioned, my skin condition is not very good recently and had breakouts that I have never had before sad!

The 1st shop that I visited in Korea was Etude House, its a readily available there, and everywhere you go you will see Etude House. I have seen reviews on YouTube on their dust cut range product. This dust cut range is not available in Singapore yet and I am not sure will it even be launch in Singapore. So of course, I need to get some to try. 

Etude House Dust Cut Finish Cream
This finish cream helps protect skin from harmful environment by forming a protective outer film and providing care with its plant extracts that clarify dull and exhausted skin.
 Its used as last step of skincare:
o During the day time it can help to protect skin against harmful factors in the air.
o During the night, it helps to protect against harmful factors remaining in bedding.

After application, a tight feeling during absorption indicates the protective outer film has been formed.

Winwins Tots
I have used this product twice in korea, didnt really notice much difference however I felt the tight feeling after application. I used it under makeup, yet to try using it as last step of skin care before bed.

Rating:  ❤❤❤

Etude House Dust Cut Facial Mist
This product has similar function as the Dust Cut Finish Cream just that it is in a form of mist. It can be sprayed on frequently whenever u felt threat of harmful environment.
It also have the same tight feeling during absorption which indicates protective outer film has been formed.
Winwins Tots
I have not tried this product yet so cant really commend much. I will update after I have tried.

 Etude House Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion
This range of products created a hype on YouTube and blogs. So of course I need to try it out.  Its actually a makeup base that helps correct imperfection on skin but it can also be used alone for those who have less problematic skin.
Its available in 3 colours: Magic Mint, Magic Pink and Magic Peach.
Mint is to correct redness on face, suitable for trouble skin or skin with redness
Pink is to correct dullness on skin, helps brighten skin and more suitable for girls with paler skin.
Peach is suitable for most skin colours. It helps to correct dullness and brighten up skin tones.
Winwins Tots
 I have got the peach and mint refill to try out. I have not tried both yet as I want to finish my existing bases 1st. Will update once I have tried and its available in Singapore Etude Outlets already.
Etude House AC Clinic Daily Toner
This range of products are formulated with Salicylic Acid and Hinoki Cypress, it delivers trouble care and this toner helps remove pore clogging residues.
Winwins Tots
I have tried almost all AC Clinic range products!! And I love them. I have a very nice and smoothing scent and all AC Clinic range have the same scent. I think this is a good toner for trouble skin like me. Salicylic acid is really good and helps to unclog pores. This is a repurchase product and I will continue using it. Girls with normal skin tone can also use this as blemish prevention.  I have to say, among the AC range, I love the pink spot treatment the most.

Rating:  ❤❤❤❤❤

Etude House Play 101 Pencils
This is a gel type pencil that comes with wide range of vivid colours and various textures for easy and fun makeup play.
It can be used as almost everything. Eye shadow, brow pencil, eyeliner, blush, lip colour and concealer. 
Winwins Tots
I have got 5 colours from this range. My hubby stopped me from buying more haha.. I almost wanted to get all colours. No.4 and No.6 is a very nice colour for highlighting the lower eyelid. No. 1 is just basic matt black eyeliner . No.45 is gold eyeliner which I plan to use as an eyeliner and eye shadow. No.25 is a very bright pink colour and I love this colour the most and plan to use it to create gradient lips.
Overall, I think it is really a great and versatile product. Love it!!! It is also super smudge proof. But I am not sure if Singapore Etude House has it already.
Rating:  ❤❤❤❤❤

This is a picture of me trying out the colours, no.1 on my upper waterline, no.45 as my eyeliner, no.4 as under eyelid highlight and no.25 as lip colour. The colours were washed out a little in the picture but its actually quite vibrant. 

Below are other random products that I got from Etude House but yet to use.

Hope you guys like the post I have shared. Next haul will be on Innisfree products.



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