Tuesday, August 25, 2009

~ Bangkok short trip ~

Hey guys... i haven been blogging for a while.. haa.. went for a short trip to bangkok.... the weather there is... HOT!! super HOT.. i almost had heat stroke... well.. overall its a very nice vacation n a nice experience ! will definately go again if i have the chance.. the shoppin there was great.. the only bad thing is.. i didnt have enough $$ to spend... n the clothes there that are cheap, cannot be tried on before buying.. so its like i am taking a risk ... buying clothes that i dun even know if it looks nice on mi.. well.. its still ok for some pieces.... for those which i cannot wear or dun looks good on mi i will probably give it to my frens... bot alot of tee shirts... for my frens... requested... almost spent all my money buying their stuffs... haha... got my naraya bags very last min~~ couldnt find it in shopping malls.. was so disappointed and miracle happened... know wat? there is actually a naraya boutique in the hotel i stayed... omg~~ why didnt i discover it earlier? luckily i bot some bags frm there at the very last min before i leave the hotel to the airport!! haha... HAPPY!!

Had alot of nice food there... tom yam tom yam n tom yam... spicy... nice... haha...
the birdnest there is also cheap.. had so much birdness... (2 bowls)... but my skin didnt get better.. or maybe the effect is not so obvious? haha.. got breakouts.. during the trip.. maybe due to bad weather... n reallt polluted air there... the cars n motorbikes... is like... EVERYWHERE... n the traffic is like OMG!! hahhaa.... Really nice food can be found in bangkok and most importantly... its... cheap... compared to food in sg~~ :)

oh ya... bot mac fluid line in black track and SK2 facial treatment essence in Singapore DutyFree shops located in the SG airport... haha.. should be slightly cheaper than the retail shop outside i guessed... well hope it is~~ hahhaa...

ok.. let mi show u guys some pics i took during the trip~ hope u guys enjoyed it... kissy!!

Day 1

KFC is the only food we can find.. couldnt find local food :( so we had it for dinner...

Cheers~ i looked tired in every photo.. super not enough rest~

Hello hello.. anibody there? haha~~

This is jus too cute.. to resist... haha..


No drinking? but i did!! opps...

Mac Lippy in Creme d Nude~ (TY Fatty Dear)

Mac Fluidline in Black Track~ (TY Fatty Dear)

SK2 facial Treatment Essence..

Haul at chatuchak weekend market~ almost had heat stroke~ most of the items are not for mi :(

Pink Heart shaped floor mat.. love it!

Day 2

Tired winwin having lunchie at one of the restuarant near the hotel...

Food we ordered (Fried Kangkong, Steamed cod fish, Tomyum soup & Butter prawns)

Haul at my now fav bkk shopping mall - platinium shopping mall

This is a freaking big laptop!!

winwin TIRED...

MRT Chip to Chinatown Bkk~ COOL!!

Si lom station

Blurred pics.. tryin to act cute..

Dinner at chinatown bkk (Sharkfins, Asparagus with Scallops, Prawns in Soya Sauce, Birdnest)

Day 3 - Last Day

Lunch at platinium food centre~ (seafood tomyum with noodle, Watermelon icecream & birdnest again!!)

Last min haul at platinium again.. to finish all my thai bhat~ haha.. not much left thou!

keychains for my gals.. n myself of cos..

NaRaYa bags... love them !! (TY Ernest~)

Sweet n sour King Prawn Soup with rice for dinner in BKK airport~

Ernest ordered seafood pasta.. that tasted weird.. haha!!

i excluded the breakfast photos.. cos.. nuthing much...

haha finally finish posting all.. goin off to bed.. nitey gals..



Parisky said...

You're so cute! :) I so envy you! :( I wish I will visit once Bangkok and well everything! :) And you made me hungry :P

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the photos! The food look super yummy, and no I don't think, you look tired in the photos at all! Very cute.

Btw, I have a similar Longchamp bag like you have, hehe... ;)

Kay said...

u made me remember my past bangkok trip.. lol

it was super hot and humid.. and the feeling of "OMG it's so cheap" and end up buying lots without even knowing whether it'll fit me or not..

glad u had a blast on your vaca.. :)

btw.. i looove ur gray blazer.. so cute on u.. :)

Aralka said...

So many nice pictures! And food looks delicious ! :)

♥~ WinWin ~♥ said...

Parisky: Thanks.. for ur comment.. i think u should be receiving ur items soon... happy!! opps.. sorry i feel hungry too when i c the pics. hahhaa

Jess: Thanks.. i simply heart longchamp bags.. i got 3.. haha... totally into it!!

Kay: Thank u !! ya u definately have to visit bangkok again then.. ya.. its so cheap but i have got some clothes tt didnt turn out nice on mi~~ :(

Aralka: Thank u thank u~ hee hee!! yes the food is great!! :)

Rita *Lala* said...

ooh good photos! so many nice stuffs! I love KFC haha... there is no kfc here in slovakia ahrhrr... i miss it! after come back home i will eat it :D

sorry i din't do your tag yet! i will do it when i came back home, here i'm just busy :S

Sassy J'adore said...

Hi Sweetie~
Sry, I haven't comment in awhile. Looks like u had lots of fun on your trip. Great photos! The stuff u got looks cute and the food looks good too. =)

kalai said...

.. how did i miss this post.lol
aww looked like you had a great time there^^ i love the heart mat. you bought alot.haha i want to go shopping too. that giant laptop is funny.

you say you look tired in the pics but you stil look so nice. i spy a longchamp bag. im saving for one atm^^ the LV neverfull will have to wait.haha

watermelon icecream! ive never had that. and i love birdnest.. aa spicy food i love so much!xx

Miss Bangkok Hotels said...

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