Sunday, August 16, 2009

~ New Designs + Farewell Esther Babe ~

Hey guys... hows ur weekends? Mine is kinda... boring... was sooo soo happy that i finally get to c my feli jiejie on sat.. but time passes sooooo fast n she have to leave ard evening time... so we were like rushing.. here n there tryin to get all the things that she wanted... she bot mi aloe vera and falsies... will take pics of the falsies she bot for mi and show u guys later.. haha... love her tonnes.. n i got her a coach coin purse as her advance bday present~ She took sooooo long to decide which design to choose.. haha.. miss her lots already~~

Came up with some new designs over the weekends and make a bracelet (Keys to my heart Charm bracelet) and a pair of earrings (Bronze Ribbon with Swarovski Heart Crystal ) for my colleague, MS ESTHER... she is leaving our compani soon... and she is always nagging that i should make her accessories... so i took this time to make her these accesories as a farewell gift.. will surely miss her lots.. when she leaves the compani and singapore.. Hope she can really take care of herself when she is in europe~~ and of cos.. i hope she likes the bracelet as well as earrings that i designed for her~~ she is a very nice gal.. short tempered but... she has a kind heart~ :)

Pics of the new designs :

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PB13 - Keys to My Heart Charm Bracelet (only one more available) *SOLD*
Price: $11.90 SGD

PD79 - Bronze Ribbon with Swarovski Heart Crystal (Purple)
Price: $6.90 SGD

PD80 - Morning Dew Swarovski Earrings
Price: $8.90 SGD

PD81 - Black Rose Stud Earrings
PRice: $4.90 SGD

PD81 - Pink Rose Stud Earrings
Price: $4.90 SGD

PD82 - Pink Fresh Water Pearl Stud Earrings (925 silver Ear Stud)
Price: $6.90 SGD

Hope u guys like these designs n do comment on it~ :)



KRYSTAL said...

those are really cute earrings! especially the one with a bow and a heart! love itt!

♥~ WinWin ~♥ said...

Thanks krystal~~ for ur compliments~~ :)

Tamara said...

The new designs are wonderfull!


♥~ WinWin ~♥ said...

Thanks tamara... :) muacks!