Thursday, August 6, 2009

~ New Designs at Princessdiary Accessories ~

Dear babes....

I have posted up new designs at my handmade accessories blog~ Check it out~~ haha~~

>> CLick here

PD74 - Ribbon with Swarovski Heart Crystal - Clear
Price : $7.90 SGD

PD76 - Pinkish Shell with Swarovski Crystals
Price : $7.90 SGD

PD75 - Ribbon with Swarovski Crystal - Purplish Blue
Price: $7.90 SGD

PD77 - Heart Shaped Shell Earrings
Price: $4.90 SGD

PN19 - Starlight Swarovski Crystal Necklace + hp string
Price: $15.90 SGD

Close up View of the Starlight Swarovski Pendant~

Hope u guys like it n do comment and follow that blog~ Thanks~~


Tamara said...

I love the new designs! xD
Too bad I promised to my bf not to shop online for a while ._.

bohooo :(

kalai said...

so pretty^^ i love the bow&heart earings and the star necklace!.. aa.. i'm really tempted but i havent been paid yet~ XD

♥~ WinWin ~♥ said...

Tamara: thanks... nevermind the design wun run away~~ next time then purchase~ hahhaha...

Kalai: Thanks~~ hee hee... feel free to inform mi... if u wan the items... haha.. same too.. work hard play hard~~

Glad tt u guys like these new designs~~ :)


criztinita said...

They are really nice! *__*

♥~ WinWin ~♥ said...

Thanks Criztinita~~ :)