Monday, January 24, 2011

~Review: Make up Removers~

Hey guys... sorry abt my lack of posts... haha~ been lazy these feel days.. and i think i got eye infection.... having red rabbit eyes for days... not sure why... prob my lens? prob i am allergic to something... i am not sure yet... got to find out.... :(

Today i am going to review some of the makeup removers that i have tried out so far... still finding the best and most convenient one... haha.. i am lazy... Its real impt to remove ur makeup properly... this is the most basic step for a good skin... makeup residues are really harmful for ur skin... and most breakouts are caused by improper makeup removing... Ladies who love/have to make up~ PLEASE PLEASE remove makeup before u go to bed... for the sake of beautiful skin... :)

ღ Biore Makeup Remover for Eye & Lip

Claims on Packaging:

Biore micro cleansing formula removes eye & lip makeup quickly

✿ Thorough removal: Softens even heavily-layered waterproof mascara and thoroughly cleanses from root to tip and in-between lashes. Also removes eye makeup like gel, liquid eyeliner and glitter shadow

✿ Gentle on eyes & lashes: Reduces need for excessive, hard and repeated wiping around eyes.

- Dermatologically and Ophthalmologically tested
- Contains Hyaluronic Acid moisturising ingredients to keep skin around eyes moist
- Leaves no oily residues


1. Shake well, pour product onto cotton pad
2. Close eyelid and leave cotton pad on eyelid for 5 secs. Gently cleanse mascara downwards for root of eyelashes to tip
3. Cleanse mascara again upwards from root to tip of eyelashes
4. Fold cotton pad, cleanse lower eyelid and undereye area gently
5. Use another cotton pad for to cleanse your lip colour

My tots:

The colour of this product attracts me... its pink!! (ok i know no link to the use of this product)
It really cleanse my waterproof mascara thoroughly but i needa cleanse it like many times to totally remove all the eye makeup
③ Not as gentle as claimed on the product since i have slight stinging feel after removing my eye makeup (maybe i rubbed too hard?)
④ Acceptable pleasant smell

Overall rating: ❤❤

ღ Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets ღ

Claims on Packaging:

Contains smooth cleansing oil to remove stubborn makeup gently and effectively. Minimises need for repeated wiping on eye lashes. eye area and face.

✿ Handy and Convenient

✿ Does not contain alcohol

✿ Contains 10 sheets


1. Using clean hands, gently wipe off makeup with sheet until there is no trace of makeup on the sheet

2. To remove waterproof mascara, place sheet on closed eyes for 5 to 6 secs before wiping off.

My tots:

① Comes in handy while travelling.

② Removes waterproof makeup on eyes but need to clean a few times for thorough removal.

③ No irritation after wiping with cleansing sheets.

④ Suitable for sensitive skins as it does not contain alcohol.

⑤ I will still prefer using cleansing oil to remove waterproof eye makeup if situation allows.

Overall rating: ❤❤❤

ღ Dove Lathering Oil Makeup Remover ღ

Claims on Packaging:

✿ Lathering oil cleansing, where oil cleansing transforms into a fine lather and removes makeup with the same efficacy of an oil based makeup remover.

✿ Oil lather dissolved heavy mascara and removes make-up deep within pores.

✿ Can be used with wet hands and face.


1. Press the pump (abt 3 pumps) and place lather on hand

2. Spread over makeup and rinse.

3. Recommended to use with dry hands and face for heavy makeup

4. Cleanse face with facial foam

My tots:

① Feels amazing when oil based product lathers in foam

② Removes waterproof makeup but stings when product get into your eyes (pretty painful)

③ Product contains alcohol and fragrance (not suitable for sensitive skins)

④ Need to cleanse again with facial foam

Overall rating: ❤❤

ღ Kanebo Freshel White C Cleansing Oil ღ

Claims on Packaging:

✿ This cleansing oil enriched with olive oil, removes stubborn water-proof makeup and old keratin.

✿ It contains citrus peel extract and Japanese basil extract as plant-derived moisturising ingredients, gentle yet refreshes the skin.

✿ Fragrance-free and no artificial colouring.


1. Dispense appropriate amount (2 t0 3 pumps) onto dry palms, spread evenly on the entire face.

2. Massage gently with a few drops of water, allowing oil to emulsify and dissolve the makeup.

3. Rinse with lukewarm water

My tots:

① Cleanse waterproof makeup thorougly and gently.

② No irritations when product get into the eye.

③ Does not contain fragrance and artificial colouring (Love it!)

④ Can remove makeup while showering.

I prefer to cleanse with facial foam again to make sure that my face is really clean~ and i love this Kanebo Freshel Cleansing oil the most compared to the other makeup removers i have tried so far.

Overall rating: ❤❤❤❤

Super long post.. hand pain after so much of typing.. haha~ hope u guys like my review.. feel free to comment or ask any questions.



Isaac Tan said...

wow, thats a long post on makeup removers! informative though!

Popcorn said...

wow the Freshel Cleansing Oil seems like a good makeup remover. hahaha my face makeup remover is running low, so i am in search of a new one. ^.^ thanks for the reviews~

hahaha i slack off from blogging these days too. :P

~Lisa said...

i'd love love love to try the Freshel Cleansing Oil~ Too bad it's not sold here =(

Jessy said...

I cant seem to find a good make up remover... since the review is pretty good, Where can I the Kanebo Freshel White C Cleansing Oil?

Lim Kai Shin said...

Ooh, I thought the biore one was really good. Good review, thanks for sharing.

Glo-w~* said...

Wow thx for all the review! I've always wondered how the others are. shall try kanebo nxt time my romover finishes^^

Anonymous said...

awesome post! ty for the review win win bunny!

Diana said...

Very thorough review. Thank you!