Monday, January 10, 2011

~Ichikami Hair Mask~

Hey Guys...

Do u all always put on hair mask to nourish ur hair? For mi.. i usually use hair mask as daily hair conditioner... due to my over damaged end... my hair ends splits like there is no tomorrow... i have no choice but to try out methods to save it... but i guess there is no solution to split ends other than chopping it off... which i really dun wanna do that...

I came across this Ichikami Hair Mask when i am sourcing for hair mask since i already finished my previous one... I am previously using the Essential Damage Care Rich Premier Intensive Hair mask.. this essential hair mask is not bad but i jus wanted to try a different one... so i tot rather than repurchasing the same hair i took the Ichikami Hair Mask... i have used the shampoo before n i love the scent of the shampoo... and the shampoo is not too bad... not drying but didnt really help in my split ends...

This product comes in a very simple yet pretty packing and with a lid on top... its easier and more convenient... than those normal hair mask when u need to twist open the cap...

Description of the product:

Ichikami hair care series with Rice Premium Ex (Yusuru essence, oil and proteim originate in rice bran) plus 6 kinds of pure japanese herbal essences which nourish, repair, strengthen and give a natural luster to ur hair.

Ichikami Hair Mask also contain Black Soybean and Black Rice Essences which make ur hair silky soft and healthier.

Direction of use:

1. Squeeze dry ur hair after washing with shampoo
2. Apply the hair mask on ur palm n spread it onto ur hair
3. Leave it for 1-2 mins (wrap ur hair with hot towel for better penetration of the product.
4. Rinse off thoroughly

What i like abt this product:
1. The texture of the product is so soft, silky and easy to spread all over my hair
2. The lid which allows mi to conveniently get the product out of the container.. no hassles..
3. I love love love the fruity wild sakura scents.. (it really smells good n lasted whole day)
4. It helps to calm down my spit ends and frizzy hair which makes it looks like its not so damaged.
5. Its not pricey.. affordable
6. The leave on time is rapid unlike other hair mask u need to put and wait for 10-15mins or more.

What i dun like abt this product:
1. It didnt give mi the super soft n silky feeling after rinsing off the product ( maybe i only used twice and my hair is beyond repair)
2. After drying my hair.. it didnt give mi a very smooth feeling.. like normal hair mask.. but it did make it looks better.

Overall: I really love love love the smell n i continue to use this product and do a better review after that.. i guess i will repurchase it cos i really love the scent of it... its still works well on my hair jus not much of the expected smoothness... but it dun get tangled up..

Hope u guys my simple review... n u can get this hair mask at Watson Stores.



Penelope said...

Thanks for the great review! The scent of this product sounds great!

*MissK* said...

I have the same problem. i want to try this product.

❤~ WinWin ~❤ said...

Penelope: yea it really smells great!!!

MissK: u should try it!! :)

Wenny said...

i love ichikami!!

deerest said...

hahaha! I was looking at this post on my blogger subscript updates and thought the product was ramen cup noodles :3

I was thinking "cup noodles as a hair mask? o_O"

silly me :P

Thanks for the post tho :P


DinaXYYan said...

This hair mask sounds really great! I need to try this as well :D Thanks for the review :)

❤~ WinWin ~❤ said...

@DinaXYYan: yes u should!! :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review! I've been looking for a hair mask to buy.

Iyah said...

Great review!!! I love using hair mask :)

Dolce♥Bunny said...

I've tried this product before but... sadly, it didn't do much for my hair... :( like you said, it did calm my split ends down to make it not dry but, it doesnt make my hair soft :(
But have to agree with the lovely scent!!

kawaiikao said...

oooh i love hair masks! thanks for the review :]

Coco said...

i've tried this before! :)))
it came in a sample set from Watsons that i got. & i have to say that my hair felt really springy & smooth after using it ! and YES! the smell is just SO AMAZING! <3

- Coco