Monday, January 3, 2011

~Mini Haul in Dec 2010~

Dear all...

One more overdue post... i did a mini haul in Dec 2010 when i shop with my xingxing... haa~ actually we meet up because she needs to get xmas pressies for gift exchange with her frens... and i am the only one not working at the moment... and is free for her... so i offered to accompany her.... i got a couple of items... i think i left out one or two items... without pics... but i will post it up in my other posts.. haha...

We went to orchard to hunt for her pressies... its so hard when u need to get things which are nice and with low budget... so... it took us awhile in collecting all the 6 gifts... while choosing her pressies.... i chosed mine too... she made mi spend money~~ :( haha~~

I got this 2 pairs of shoes for $29.90 from The Little Things She Needs located at ION Orchard #B3-52.. go check it out if u r interested... the shoes there are not too bad... haha... frens who knoes mi well will knoe that i am a super fan of stuffs with ribbons.... ribbon is a killer to mi!!! haha~~ i have already tried on these shoes... so far they seems nice... not very painful for ist time wear... i guess i will repurchase it when they are worn out... haha~~

Rating: 4/5

i also got this Rilakkuma pouch in Watsons... I am never leave Watsons empty handed... why??!! hhaha... but i love to shop in Watsons... initially i wanted to get this pouch as a cosmetics pouch which i can bring while travelling... end up after looking at the storage capacity inside... i decided to use it to store my skincare products... (which were already filled into smaller containers for travelling purpose) and bot another blue next day for my cosmetics... so ... i have 2 pouch with same designs but different colour... haha... i think i got these pouches each for only $3.95 SGD from Watsons... and its so handy and cute~


This is the pink one... and below are pics of stuff that i put in~

i think thats abt all the things i bot that day.. another one thing i bot is a bag organiser... its someting like another smaller bag with alot of pockets... good for those bags that have no compartments.... it helps u find ur stuff easier rather than takin a long time trying to dig ur keys or hp.... haha~

Oh i got this cute hello kitty biscuit from Christine dear too.... Super cute hello kitty container with 4 packets of biscuits inside.... 4 different flavour biscuits inside... haha! super love it... but i am not sure wat will i put in this long hello kitty container after finishing the biscuits... haha~~

Ps: i love my eeyores... :D

3rd post of the nite... hope u guys enjoyed reading... more to come... haha~~




Kelly_konomi said...

win win you're so neat!!

my bag is 24/7 messy! hahaha and my friends and mama usually cannot take it and pack it all up for me. wahahahaha

thanks for visiting btw!

❤~ WinWin ~❤ said...


haha.. thats only for a period of time.. i will get untidy again haha~~ i followed u as well... :)