Monday, January 3, 2011

~Tag: 7 Questions & Answers by Parisky~

I dun really remember when was the last time being tagged by bloggers... but indeed some tags were fun... haha... i am super late in this tagging game... was tagged by Parisky ... she is a super nice gal.. i have known thru blogging... she bot my accessories... did swap with mi... i super love her!! haha~~ (ps: are u smiling Helena? haha~ ) so guys... follow her too~ she take great pictures...!!

7 Things i have to do before i die
1. Marry my oppa
2. Attend my bestie's wedding (Make sure she is blissful)
3. Be a successful woman
4. Travel around the world
5. Make more frens around the world
6. Have Kids and happy family
7. Play with snow
7 Things i say all the time
1. Really?
2. Shitty!!
3. har~
4. orh~~
5. nai nai de (Chinese)
6. Please lor!!!
7. pit! (Piss)
7 Things i am good at
1. doing my own makeup
2. making handmade accessories
3. listening to my fren
4. drinking (but i seldom drinking now)
5. making pple laugh (Lame)
6. Making little things that touch pple's heart
7. loving my bf
7 Flaws
1. not pretty enough
2. too tall (cant wear nice heels)
3. procrastinator
4. lazy at times
5. pessimistic at times
6. laugh when hear pple swear
7. think too much
7 Qualities
1. Like to laugh
2. Caring
3. Dun like to lie.. ( i am bad at lying~)
4. Good Listener
5. loyal to frens (definately!!)
6. thoughtful
8. Friendly
For the tagging part... i will leave to u guys to do.. if u r interested in this tag... feel free to do it and link it for mi to c.... let mi know more abt u~~ haha~~
Once again... thanks so much for the tag... hope u guys enjoyed it~~

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