Tuesday, January 4, 2011

~Movie nite out with Christine~

Hey guys...

Doing a short post before i head to bed... went movie with Christine Dear today.... its was so rush... she texted mi around 6.10pm and said that she won a pair of movie tix... and ask if i could watch with her... i was like... ok... but wat time is the show starting... she said 7.15pm.. i was like huh?! OMG i got only an hr to wash up, make up and rush there... and this is crazy... haha.. but i was late at the end.... We watched Love And Other Drugs... starring Anne Hathaway & Jake Gyllenhaal... Its a romantic adult show i can say... many sexual scenes but its really quite touching... other than those XXX scenes~ hahaa!! The story is about Maggie (Anne Hathaway) who is suffering from 1st stage parkinson disease is afraid of being tied down in relationship but met Jamie (Jake Gyllenhaal) who have almost infallible charm with ladies and in the phamaceutical sales. The romantic part of this show is how true love can conquer everything... both fell in love with each other unknowingly and Jamie didnt mind that Maggie is a parkinson patient and is willing to take care of her.

Overall its a nice movie... haha... i will maybe rate it 3/5? Anne Hathaway is soooo gorgeous... i love her...

After the show... we went to macdonald's to have our late dinner... on the way there.. we saw BodyShop sales... so of cos i dragged her to check out if there is anithing worth getting... haha... shoppin is also killer for mi!! haha... End up we both got something similar... jus difference in flavours... haha~~

This is wat i got... starting from the left>>

1. Classic Rose Perfume - Very gentle rose fragrance which i love very much... gentle enough for mi to take it.. (i cant stand super strong perfumes).. gives me a feeling of sweet and feminine after applying it..

2. Rainforest Radiance Conditioner (for coloured hair) - have not tried it yet.. so cant really comment but it smells smoothing... like rainforest... i cant really describe the smell but its quite pleasant to mi..

3. Rainforest Shine Shampoo (For normal to dry hair) - haven tried it too.. haha.. but it belongs to the same range.. smells leafy... haha.. but nice too...

4. Papaya Shower Gel - Tried this before long long time ago... after bathing.. it leaves a super nice sweet papaya fragrance and smooth feeling... love it~

5. Strawberry Puree Body Lotion - i am not a big fan of body lotions cos i seldom apply.. but this one attracts me to try out... soo super sweet smell like burst of strawberries... and its pink... haha~ pink is another killer for mi!! so i got it~

For the Classic rose perfume i got it for $14.90 SGD and item 2 - 5 at 4 for$10... great deal rite? haha~~

And i camwhored before removing my makeup... too rush... didnt put on any foundation...


Hope u guys had a great day... and good nite~~



Your Humble Servant said...

hmmmm that movie picture looks so x-rated

TikkoSS said...

wow.. haha.. i hope that movie is nice.. i will watch because of the actress !~

❤~ WinWin ~❤ said...

@your humble servant: yea its pretty rated.. haha~

@Tiko the show is quite romantic i can say and Anne Hathaway is awesome!! :)